Monday, July 26, 2010

Family support

It is really hard to describe how vital this is. Family support is and will be our life support. I have been blessed with amazing parents who support us through thick and thin.

I was able to tell my mom today and she didn't say much, just asked a few questions about the seminar and I told her what little I know.

We had Jack's whole family over for dinner tonight too, and we don't see them nearly often enough!

We had fun, rode my dirtbike around the yard and then drove the jeep through the woods and fields behind our house to show everyone all of the trails we can ride and drive on. Daren rode my dirtbike through and got pretty dirty!

After everyone went home, I was chatting with Kelly, my (hopefully) soon to be sister-in-law and told her about our blog (Hi Kelly!) I talked to Jack about it and he was alright with me sharing the blog with Kelly. Hopefully soon we will feel ready to share our story with the whole family.

I have been truly blessed with such an amazing family. We have our dis(FUN)ctions but still, I wouldn't trade a single one of you freaks for anything in the world!! I love you Mom and Dad and Kelly and Liz and Matt and Jim! I am so thankful to have family that I don't worry about how they will react to us considering adoption. I'm thankful to have family who I know will love whatever children we have and not think anything differently of them. I'm sure this is that way for a lot of families, but I can't imagine what added pressure that would be.

It is such a freeing feeling to be able to come out of the dark so to speak on this subject. To be able to talk to my future sister in law about our hopes and dreams and fears is such an amazing feeling.

I understand why people keep things secret though. Without meaning to, or even purposefully, people can say some pretty horrible things. Pretty insensitive things. I'm hoping that Jack and I will be able to take such rude comments in stride and be able to educate those who make these comments. By the grace of God we will be able to change their hearts on the subject.

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