Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Church nursery

I have always felt called to work in the church nursery. When we lived in Wisconsin, I was the group leader for the 0-11 month old room. There were 4 or 5 volunteers underneath me. After a strange series of events and the beginning of our infertility journey, I left the nursery. We church hopped for a long time until we found another church that we loved and then Jack lost his job and we moved back home to Michigan. We are finally settled and hope to stay here for many many years to come and have our church home too.

I have always felt a longing and a pull to go back into the nursery ministry but Satan has always crept into my head telling me that once people found out about our infertility that they would be afraid we would steal their babies, or trying to tell me that I would want to, or that I just wouldn't be good at it any more. Well in your face Satan! I don't care if I can't have babies of my own, or that adoption isn't the road for us right now, and that we will remain childless until who knows when, maybe forever... It doesn't change the fact that I adore babies.

I called my church right up and asked to be put in touch with the leader of the nursery ministry. She is at the little girls retreat and won't be back until this weekend, so she will probably be giving me a call back at the beginning of next week.

So there.

I am not afraid to tell them my whole story. I've loved kids my whole life. I've wanted kids my whole life. I loved babysitting and especially have a heart for very small children. I'm good with children. And I haven't been able to have any of my own yet, but maybe some day. And I want to work in the nursery again.

I'm so sick of Satan talking me out of doing everything that I love.


  1. Ah, you're stronger than I am, Allie! I have a hard time even being around friends who have kids. My friend is getting ready to have her third baby on Thursday and I can barely pick up the phone to call her. Maybe because the realization of IF is still new to me but I'm extremely sensitive right now. I also find it difficult to fit in at church because we don't have kids yet.
    Good for you for going back to the nursery and doing what you love! Let me know how it goes :)

  2. Go get 'em! I love you and I'm proud of you!

  3. Why do you need to let them know your situation? You are young and have no kids, they won't find that strange. Why do you need to make it peoples business that you have that condition? That is just opening yourself up to be judged. It is nobodys business but your own why you don't have children yet. Being good with kids is Gods gift to you. I don't like being around kids, instead I help patients. We all have gifts from God. It is silly not to embrace them.


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