Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Experience

Since we have been kicking the idea of adoption around, I never really told anyone about it. Adoption always sounded like the right thing to do, after all there are lots of kids that need help, but I never REALLY knew if i could do it. Since we decided to give the entire family expansion to God, I have been more at peace with the idea of it. Since this decision, I haven't talked to anyone but Allison about it.

Yesterday was my first time announcing to anyone that adoption was a serious consideration for us and that we were going to a seminar on it. I told Ron my Engineer at work. Last week, Ron and Dino at work invited me out to a concert at DTE. While we were stopping to get Ron some lunch after our meeting at Ford yesterday, I told him that we were very interested in adoption and we were going to a seminar on it next week, so I wouldn't be able to go with them to the concert. He seemed pretty shocked at first, like it was that last reason in the world that I would have given. After that, he thought it was pretty great. It made me feel good to tell someone. It felt a little less taboo.

As the day went on, I got another opportunity. My good friend Matt called me on my way home from work. He was telling me about all his craziness in his life right now. Matt is very strong in his faith and is like a rock. He is a good friend to share things with and is a great supporting Christian. I told him that we were through with trying fertility treatments and that we were leaving the adoption door wide open for God to do what he wants. Matt thought it was fantastic that we would consider this route and is praying for us.

Overall, it felt awesome to say that we have great faith in God and want him to do His will in our lives. We trust in God and know that his plan is better for us than any pre-conceived notion about what we think our family "should" be.

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