Sunday, September 26, 2010

Central Boiler

Things around our neck of the woods have been pretty quiet. I started a new job where I work 4 days a week in an office. I'm trying to work out a schedule with everything I have going on with that. I am hoping to get the guts up to join a small group or a bible study with the church so that we can get more involved and possibly make some friends. Jack is still working, not as much overtime as he was before, but his work got a new contract so it's looking like he might have another 18 months to 2 years depending on future contracts... which is great news since we didn't think the job would last longer than to about March... and it's almost October!!

We bought a Central Boiler wood burning stove. It sits outside, and it will sit about 25 feet away from the edge of our garage. It heats water up to 185 degrees farenheit and that water goes through super well insulated tubes that are buried about 2 feet underground into the house and then into our water heater and heats the water and then goes to our furnace and a coil runs through the furnace and the forced air heat that we have pushes the air through the coil of hot water and our existing duct work and fan will heat the house. It was a pretty big investment but with the cost of propane, it will pay for itself after next winter. And after that we will essentially have free heat! (Of course as long as we are able to find free wood.)

We have been learning how to fell trees and Jack bought a Stihl chainsaw. We have cut quite a few down and right now his long time friend Mike is over here teaching him how to properly and safely fell trees. Mike is an arborist and cuts down trees for a living. He cut down the biggest dead tree that we have at the back of the lot in a matter of minutes when it would have taken us about 45 minutes to hit the ground. He is so precise. It's amazing to watch someone do what they're really good at. Especially when it takes a lot of skill and knowledge.

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