Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day working in the nursery was this past Sunday

I got to the nursery at about 8:45 for the 9am service. There were already 2 parents there with their little ones. I was the only one there!! I had no idea how to check in the kids, or where they went... or anything really. Aside from being no where close to as organized and as smoothly ran as the last church nursery I worked in, it went really well. The only down side was the huge blow out that this cute little girl who was about 10 months old had. Her Grandma had brought her in and had her dressed in this fancy little dress with bloomers and white tights... and let's just say she destroyed the ENTIRE outfit. The dress was literally thrown in the trash!

It's amazing how when you're doing something that God has called you to do, He makes it so much easier. My heart was light the whole time I was in there, and all of the clingy, crying kids ALL wanted me. We had 9 babies, all under 18 months old. It went really well, I had a good time. I was in the nursery with Pastor Cliff's wife, I forget her name... but we had a good time laughing at the kids and playing with them. I am not on the schedule again until next month.

On Wednesday night River University starts... it's a bunch of bible studies and classes offered at the church. I want to go to either the Hebrews Bible study taught by Pastor Cliff or the Couples' Bible Study... Jack is leaning more towards the Hebrew's Bible Study... so that's what we will probably do. Hopefully we will start to meet some people!

This Saturday is our housewarming party... FINALLY! We have only been in the house for 4 months now! I only have a few small projects that I would like to get done, besides cleaning the whole house top to bottom, before Saturday.
  • put all the plates back on the outlets and the light switches... hey what can I say? I got burned out lol
  • clean all the windows and windowsills
  • clean all the floors
  • organize the pantry in the kitchen
  • clean out the laundry room.

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