Saturday, November 27, 2010

More thoughts on IVF w/ICSI

Jack and I were talking about affording this sort of medical procedure this morning. Our insurance covers absolutely nothing having even a hint to do with infertility, so we will be all out of pocket for whatever infertility procedure we decide to do. We don't want to finance this, so we will be paying cash for everything that we do. Every visit with a specialist, every prescription, every single thing.

This might be a few years out yet, we just need to start saving and working towards that.

Jack was telling one of his friends last night about what we were planning on doing and his friend said, well, what else would you spend your money on? How true. Would I rather go on a couple super exquisite vacations... or have a baby? No contest... Baby. Would we rather re-do the basement or have a baby... Baby. Would we rather buy a brand new car or have a baby.... Baby. So, when thought it terms like that... It makes sense and makes it much easier to justify the expense that we are going to be facing to try to conceive.

Only God knows what is in store for us, and we have faith that his plan is great. And if this is His will for our lives, then we will not struggle financially.

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