Sunday, November 28, 2010

Planning for the future.

There is one thing that Jack and I have been really good at though all of this... it's planning. Ha! What a joke right?

Let me give you an example of what it's like to plan things around infertility:

- You ask your girlfriend who just got engaged and asked you to be the Matron of Honor in her wedding if it will be alright if you're pregnant and standing up next to her because you know, that could happen... 13 months away. (By the way, they got married 6 months ago. I'm still not pregnant.)
- You pull out your calendar months in advance and figure out what cycle day you are likely to be on while you're on a vacation just to see if you can take that vacation or not.
- You spend $100's extra a month on rent for years because you "need a second bedroom for the nursery".
- You sell off your favorite toy vehicles because you need to plan for a family friendly vehicle.
- You buy a bench seat for your big truck instead of the 2 bucket seats so that you will be able to put a car seat in between and safely have your car seat ride in the truck.
- You plan every single time that would be the "perfect time" to announce to your whole family that you're expecting.
- You constantly hold of purchasing those big items, because you might need that money to buy things for a nursery.
- You are always non-comital when it comes to making plans of any kind for any future event.
- You don't paint your other bedroom because you were "supposed" to be painting it for the nursery... so you just leave it unpainted.

Oh wait, all of those things are things that we have done.

And now here we are, planning again. God sure must think we are hilarious with all the plans that we try to make. Everything is His plan, so what on earth are we doing? What on earth have we been doing?

But none-the-less, we try to take some semblance of control over our situation and we plan. Right now I want to get a second job of some sort to make extra money to save for whatever we plan for the future. Whether it will be IVF or adoption, both will cost at least $10,000 and we plan to pay cash. So it's to the drawing board we go, what kinds of job will I look for.

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