Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is my favorite Holiday

Well maybe not... but it is my 2nd to least favorite holiday as far as IF goes. It's heartbreaking to see everybody dressing up their little ones in all the adorable Christmas clothes and to have everyone fawning all over the little ones, because really, isn't that who all the gifts are for? Which is fine, but it just sucks that another year goes by and Jack and I don't have any little ones to add to the mix.

I'm still sort of cracking up at the (rude) people who all spread rumors saying that I was pregnant and that's why Jack and I pushed our wedding up so much. Well... Do you believe me yet? Three years and I'm STILL not pregnant. Ahh it's the little things like this that make me smile at how rude people can be and it helps me get through the days!

To make up for the fact that we don't have anyone to lavish all of our Christmas love on this year... we are hosting party after party after party!

I just grocery shopped after I got out of job #1 today and I bought $50 worth of chocolate, chocolates, candies, cookies and chips. Haha... sounds like the makings of a good party right?

I can't wait to get pictures of my chocolate fountain all set up. And I can't wait of course to get a picture of everyone together in their Ugly Christmas Sweaters. As far as I can tell, my Dad, his wife, my older sister and older brother will be here. I don't know if my little brother will be here.

Speaking of my little brother, I just wanted to ask for some prayers for him. On Tuesday morning, he hit a patch of black ice and rolled his truck. (He is physically okay! Thank God!!) This truck is his livelihood. It carries all his tools, heck, it is a tool in itself, carries his ladders and he can't do his job without his truck. (He works in cable.) He was headed to orientation for a new job that he was SUPER fortunate to get and he has been a while out of work. So he is really hurting from losing his truck and possibly losing his job. So please pray that he gets back on his feet soon and the insurance company does their job swiftly and he can get a new truck in no time and be back to work and that this job will still be waiting for him when he gets his new truck all set up. And pray for his spirits as he goes through this and pray for encouragement and motivation to get all set back up again. Thanks!

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