Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals for 2011... 25 for my 25th year.

January 1, 2011

For the first time in my life I have really started to feel my own mortality and my age. I will be 25 on February 6th. I used to think 25 was so old. Now that I work in a group home with 85 year olds it makes me feel like 60 years is NOT all that long. I will be 85 before I know it. And I better do something with my time on earth!

All we get is that little dash in between our years of birth and death. What are you doing with your dash?

1986 - ?? Well I plan to start filling my dash up with as much as I can!

# 1 : My #1 most important goal for 2011 is to finish reading the Bible cover to cover. I am about 50 % through. I tried to read it in 90 days and then got way off track and never picked back up or read very slowly. The last few nights I have taken the time to read at least a days' worth of reading and I can really feel my spirits being uplifted. I don't know how I ever get out of reading the Word when I can feel how powerfully it changes my life almost immediately!

# 2 : Spend more time with my husband and getting to know how better and growing closer to him. I love Jack & I want the next 60 or so years of our lives to be very happily married years! Plus our marriage is the most important covenant that Jack and I have with God and the greatest way we can honor Him in our lives until we meet Him!

# 3 : Get to my goal weight!! I have done pretty good at the end of this year with my dieting and I plan to continue. I am going to finally get to my goal weight! I wanted to do it by my 25th birthday but now I can just do it before the end of my 25th year. Hopefully much sooner than the end ;)

# 4 : Quit biting my nails. I'm going to be 25 for pity's sake! I can clearly remember the first time I bit my nails... I saw my dear older sister biting her nails. I remember where I was too, we were in the den at the house we grew up in. I loved my sister dearly and wanted to do anything and everything that she did. So I copied her. And here I am over 20 years later still wanting to quit biting my nails! What a stupid gross habit that is too!

#5 : Get pregnant. Can that be a goal? Can something we have no control over be something I can work towards? Well we'll see... Jack and I will give it our best shot.

# 6 : Personally lead at least 1 person to know Christ as their personal savior.

# 7 : Spend more time growing my friendships.

# 8 : Join some kind of a small group.

# 9 : Get more involved with our church.

# 10 : Become members at our church.

# 11 : Finish at least 10 quilts. (For me!)

# 12 : Read at least 75 books.

# 13 : Keep my house cleaner!

# 14 : Get to know my neighbors better.

# 15 : Sing in front of my church congregation.

# 16 : Save $20,000.

# 17: Pray for my family and friends daily.

# 18: Finish reading the Bible through the first time (I'm about 55% done) and read it a second time all the way through.

# 19: Rely on God for the big things and the little things.

# 20: Share my faith with at least 1 new person a week.

# 21: Find a person to bless each week.

# 22: No Fast Food and No Pop.

# 23: Paint my 2nd Bedroom. When we moved in, that room was determined for the "nursery." We may or may not ever have a nursery and I have not been able to bring myself to paint it since my plans were to paint it blue or pink, and obviously we woudn't know if it should be blue or pink until I was pregnant. We've lived here 8 months and I still haven't painted it and I'm still not pregnant. I am going to paint the room and finish it as a guest bedroom. I am letting go of that room as a possibility and if God allows us to get pregnant and gives us a body to put in our nursery, I can re=paint. If not, I will be content with off-white walls.

# 24: Learn something new.

# 25: Take a vacation. Go up to Trout Lake and relax and bring our dirtbikes and let the dogs swim and go off roading in the jeep. And bring as many of our loved ones up there as possible. And go camping!

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. - Philippians 4:13


Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37 3:5

will be my mantra this year.


  1. I think this is great! You have a lot of good goals here :D

    (I thought I said this earlier, but maybe not)

  2. Wow, that is a lot to work towards! Good for you!
    Wanted to tell you my mom bought me a sewing class at Joann's for Christmas. It is in a couple weeks! I'm pretty excited!
    What are you going to do with 10 quilts for yourself? I am thinking I want to swap out Meren's comforter for a quilt next. Who had the brilliant idea of giving a 2 year old a white (background) comforter, especially when the black dog sleeps with her on her bed? Yeah, me. Not smart!

  3. Brittan,
    the 10 quilts are for beds in my house and decor :)

    For myself also includes gifts, meaning not quilts I'm going to sell.

    And I totally agree about Amish fiction. Definitely my favorite type of book to read.

    If you ever want any free sewing lessons, you can lug your machine out to my house and I'd be more than happy to teach you what I know :)

  4. I would need a machine to lug it! :) Christian said he wants to buy me one, we'll see...


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