Wednesday, December 1, 2010

God opens doors.

Jack and I have committed to not making any big decisions one way or another and have promised to each other to spend the entire month of December in prayer and digging as deep into the bible we can about our situation and what should be our next step.

Along with that, we have both felt like it's time (regardless of what our next step is) to start saving money for that next step. I work part time right now and I have been wanting to get another job but I'm always really torn about what kind of job to get. Working in restaurants is something that is easy for me to do, but hard emotionally. It's hard for me to see families all day long and things like that...

And today I was texting an old friend that I recently got back in touch with again. She runs a home where she has elderly women live in it and she takes care of them and she recently found out she's needing to replace her employee of 2 years ! So I offered to let her see what it would be like with me helping her out and see if she'd like me to do that. I go in on Friday morning to run through a typical day for her and see how it works out!

I am pretty excited about this. And, it's literally 7 minutes down the road from my house. It is halfway to where my current job is now!

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