Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book 8/75 Finished Today

Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray

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Anna has finally seen her abusive boyfriend for what he is, an overgrown bully, and she knows that she will have to go into hiding to escape him. Since Ron has completely bamboozled her family and support system she knows of only one place to run. She runs to the place where she has always felt completely safe - the Brenneman's Bed and Breakfast. Anna does not have much trouble fitting into the Brenneman's simple way of life as Amish plain folk, and it actually seems to help her to decide what she really wants out of life. Anna is glad she and Katie have stayed friends since the quilting class she took years ago. Now if only Katie's brother Henry would just stop jumping to conclusions about her.

The longer she stays the more she figures out what she wants in life. And the more that Henry learns where he might have misjudged her. Will Anna decide what is best for her or will Ron catch up with her? And will her parents abide by her decisions?

Hidden was a sweet and thoughtful story surrounding not just the simple lifestyle of the Amish. It deals with an individual's real path in life and also deals with actions of abuse, and how someone might get in too deep to see what is happening. I found I was drawn into this story from the beginning and when it ended I was hoping the next book in the series was already out, I'm not that lucky and am now left impatiently waiting for it to be printed. But, that is ok as it will allow me to share my thoughts on Hidden. I think Ms. Shepard Gray did a fine job in telling the story of Anna and what is really important in her life and where she is the most comfortable. It also shows the strength of a community that many see as too simple. I thoroughly enjoyed Hidden and hope you will also.

Good book! I picked it up to read last night while Jack was reading his new book that I got him for his birthday, Decision Points. It was so fun to be able to lay in bed and read with my husband. What a lovely and relaxing blessing!

I read the whole book cover to cover last night.

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