Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Changes in the job department

Jack has applied for a new job and we are praying that he gets it. No details yet, but it would be an amazing opportunity to be sure :)

I put my notice in on Monday for my job at the office. After much thinking and praying about it, I am much better serving God through working at the nursing home than I am sitting in a chair 6 hours a day with nothing to do. I felt an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders. It's funny though, I emailed on Monday to let them know that my back was hurting and that I wasn't going to be in that day. And also because I wanted to be able to give them notice, I let my boss know then that my last day was going to be next Thursday.

So today, like every day, at 7:30am, I went to use my remote start to warm up my truck for 10-15 minutes before I drive to work. But I couldn't find my keys anywhere! And I realized that yesterday, I didn't even leave the house. And I only used my truck to move a load of wood from the back of the yard to the front and I used Jack's set of keys that he left on the counter. And those keys he had remembered to take with him to work. So I had to let my work know that my keys were with Jack on his way to Southfield.

Then this evening, on my way to the nursing home, I noticed that something seemed a little bit off with my breaks. I couldn't put my finger on it but it just barely registered on my "I-Better-Pay-Attention-To-That" scale. I was about 1/4 mile from the nursing home so I got there and worked for 4 hours. Then when it was time to drive home, backing out of the driveway I thought my breaks felt a little squishy but I mostly don't use the breaks out of the neighborhood so I didn't think too much about it. Then I was attempting to come to a stop before turning off the dirt road onto the main road and my breaks barely worked and I knew something wasn't right. I drove maybe 1/2 mile and then called Jack and explained what was going on. I asked if he wanted me to drive very slowly home and he said, No. You need to pull over right now.

So he drove to me, turns out there was a hole in my back break line. NOT GOOD! He dumped a bunch of brake fluid in and said okay we have to go home now so we can get home as quickly as we can while this slowly drains out. Any further away from home and we would have to have used our AAA membership to get a tow home. Oh the adventures that I have :) I drove Jack's truck home in front of him in my truck, in case he needed to stop and couldn't that I could be the cushion that stopped him. We made it home safely and he started taking the truck apart. By 8, he was about the make an autozone run and I asked him to just come in for dinner since neither one of us had eaten yet.

I emailed my boss and said, you're never going to believe this... and explained what happened. And also that ordinarily, if one of our vehicles was out of commission, that wouldn't be a problem... since we have 3 trucks and 1 jeep. My truck - No brakes. Jack's Jeep - No Water pump, was torn apart in the garage at the moment my brakes went out. That is unable to be driven. Jack's dually (truck #3) - Doesn't have plates and doesn't have insurance so it can't even be driven legally, not that we drive it in the winter at all. And then the last truck - Jack's Dakota, he drives to work. So I also explained that while normally my truck not being drivable wouldnt be a problem, this was the off chance that all of our other vehicles were unable to be used as well! I told him that I was pretty sure that God was trying to keep me away from them at this point! I'm fairly certain they are going to think I'm making it up, but my life is so crazy that I just can't make this kind of stuff up. I felt like one of those tv episodes where I felt like I needed to watch my back, someone had cut my brake lines!!! Dun dun dun!

I'm just thankful that God gave me the good sense to understand and know when something wasn't right and know how to handle the situation. (Even if that means to stop what I'm doing if it doesn't feel right and call my smart Husband :) ) I'm also thankful that God gave me such a handy husby <3

I've been taking the time to read since I've been not working this week. I've also been using my brand new vacuum that Husby and I got for our birthdays. I love love loooooove my Dyson Animal :) It works like a dream!

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