Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finished book 7/75 today!

This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury.

I've read quite a few of Karen's books before but none of them ever struck me as much as this one.

I am really wondering how I walked into the library blindly and grabbed as many Christian Fiction books as I could in a short time and the first 3 have been such amazing books!

This book is a real tear jerker, but if you're anything like me, you won't like anything unless it has a happy ending. So, let me assure you, this book does in fact have a happy ending.

From Amazon:

Christian fiction author Kingsbury is well loved by her fans, and this newest story, based loosely upon her own brother's death, will further endear her to her faithful readers. Kingsbury tells the story of a strained relationship between picture-perfect Nate and Annie Warren, whose son, Josh, a tow truck driver, has been a disappointment to them. Even though Josh's mistakes are now history, his current joblessness—owing to a drunk driver's recklessness—serves to ratchet up his parental disapproval rating. Only a few people know the truth: Josh is a real-life hero and his one heart's desire is to be united with a daughter he's never met. When Josh's life is struck again by tragedy, his immediate family must come to grips with the recognition that they never really cared enough to ultimately know their son. Kingsbury does a fine job communicating the emotional struggles of individuals, and readers will resonate with her characters' sorrows and losses. Yet much of the story is formulaic, which detracts from its otherwise powerful message about acceptance.

Check this book out :)
Don't forget to read the letter from Karen at the end. This book is inspired by the real life story of her own brother, Dave.

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