Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finished reading book 1 / 75

White Christmas Pie by Wanda Brunstetter.

Very cute story about a boy who was left with an Amish family while his dad, Frank, was out doing a trucking run. His dad had an accident a few days after leaving him with this Amish family and was stuck in the hospital for many months recovering. By the time he made it back to pick up his son, it had been a year since he left his son there. The Amish family moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and no one in Pennsylvania knew of that family any more. This man, discouraged, went on to miss his son terribly for the next 16 years.

Meanwhile, his son, Will, grew up a happy Amish boy who struggled with his Dad's disappearance and struggled with feelings of abandonment. As his wedding with Karen got closer, he wondered if he would turn into the same kind of man his real father was. While this Amish family loved him and raised him as one of their own sons, he still wished that his real Dad hadn't left him without even so much as a note or ever contacting them again.

On Will's 22nd birthday, Frank's new wife noticed that Frank was incredibly depressed. She ran an ad in The Budget (Amish Newspaper) searching for Will with Frank's phone number. The Amish family saw the ad and contacted Frank immediately and let him know they had moved to Ohio, and also invited them for Thanksgiving dinner.

Will and his dad are reunited over Thanksgiving dinner and Will is still bitter about being left without an explanation and storms out without giving his dad a chance to explain leaving his adoptive parents and fiancee in the cold. Will gets in a buggy accident and severs an artery in his leg and almost bleeds out. While his adoptive dad is taking his fiancee home, they discover him and hurry him to the hospital.

Turns out, Will has a rare blood type and he needs a blood transfusion. His real dad offers up his blood and Will makes a full recovery. All misunderstandings are hashed out and Will and Karen get married and they all patch up their differences.

Very cute story!

I love Wanda Brunstetter's books. This one was a very quick read, it only took me a few hours today.

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  1. I love that book - I just read that book about 2 months ago. I am reading the Brides of Webster Country right now by Wanda Brunstetter.

  2. Amy - I have those books and I read them a couple years ago :) I loved those too!

  3. I love Amish books! I have a whole collection of them myself. The books are so clean and very uplifting most of the time!!


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