Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthdays!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my very favorite little brother! I love you Jimmers!

Jack's 30th birthday is on Wednesday :))

We were going to have a joint birthday party for the two of us in a few weeks, but we are a little over throwing get a together, we might still do it. But I have no idea, most likely not. I have always had birthday parties ever since I was 13 or 14 years old and my dad let me have parties and invite all my friends. When I got older, my dad always ended up out of town on my birthday because he has a tradition with his friends to go on some sort of a cruise during the Super Bowl which always ended up the weekend of my birthday. So lucky me, I always got to continue throwing parties ;)

This year, my birthday is actually Superbowl Sunday.

But back to Jack's birthday! His birthday is Wednesday and he and I are going to go out to eat. We both gave up pop for our new year's resolution (one of them lol) and neither of us has touched it (as far as I know) and I think we'll get pop on his birthday haha. He wants to go to BW3's. Pop and hot wings... perfect way to ring in the 30th year!

On Friday, Jack's Dad, Mom, brother Daren and his fianceƩ Kelly are all coming over for dinner. Jack still hasn't decided what he wants to have for dinner. Then on Sunday, my Dad and Kelly were going to take Jack (and I) out to dinner at a steakhouse by our house. All week long we will be celebrating Jack's birthday. If he wanted to forget that he's turning 30, he can forget it!

I got him a present that I know he's going to like.

Oh yeah, and the day after Jack's birthday is our "official" 5th anniversary from our "official" first date. We have been dating since the fall of 2005, but our official first date where we called it a date and had our first kiss, that was January 20th ;)

And after that... it's MY birthday :)

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