Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Transition period

One of the residents at the Nursing Home where I work passed away on Sunday. Another is 96 years old and has been on hospice for a month or more, and the owner is not in any way expecting her to make it through the month either. And yet another one of the girls is in the hospital because she is having complications from a lung transplant and may need to be on IV antibiotics and our small home can't do that legally because we don't have a doctor on call or an RN on staff. So we might be losing that resident as well, we will see on that one, depending on the diagnosis and prognosis from the doctors. There are 7 residents... so to be down 3 in such a short period of time is a big shock.

There are referrals coming out of the owner's ears and the phones have been ringing off the hook since I started working there hoping to be placed in the home, so I don't think the transition period will last all that long, but there is a potential for three new people. So far, and for sure we know there will be one new person coming, and hopefully very soon. If there is some lag time in between clients in the home, I will be looking at some lay off time. Which will be lovely in that I won't be working two jobs, but who wants to get laid off?

Jack has been plotting and planning to find a way to buy me the birthday present that I so desire this year. Jack will be 30 on January 19th and I will be 25 on February 6th, and I wanted us to get something good this year... so, I asked Jack to find a way to get us:

Dyson DC28 Animal.

All the reviews on this puppy are top notch and I am so beyond pumped to imagine cleaning my house with one of these suckers! And by suckers, I really mean suckers.

Alright it's 10pm and Jack should be home soon from taking my mom home (I picked her up and cooked her dinner, she lives about 10 minutes down the road from me!) and putting gas in my truck. He's such a crafty little bugger, I just wish he'd get home sometime soon so we can head to bed!

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  1. Can you buy me one tooo??? hehehe my walmart buy/gift from when I got my first apartment is really bad... it just spits the dirt right back at us... but it makes me feel like ive done something!


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