Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update for the end of January on 2011 resolutions!

# 1 : My #1 most important goal for 2011 is to finish reading the Bible cover to cover. I am ashamed to say that I have barely read through one chapter of one book. I've had my nose in so many other books! I need to finish at least the rest of the book I'm reading before the end of the month! I'm reading 2 Kings right now I think.

# 2 : Spend more time with my husband and getting to know how better and growing closer to him. Jack and I are doing awesome.

# 3 : Get to my goal weight!! Still watching what I eat and so looking forward to the thaw so that I can start running again!

# 4 : Quit biting my nails. Working on it!

#5 : Get pregnant. Not yet... maybe this cycle?

# 6 : Personally lead at least 1 person to know Christ as their personal savior. Not that I know of yet.

# 7 : Spend more time growing my friendships. Definitely working on that. I've made plans to actually hang out with friends instead of just chatting with them through texts and it's been much better. I plan to spend Friday evening with a girlfriend (Hi Lisa )

# 8 : Join some kind of a small group. Haven't yet.

# 9 : Get more involved with our church. We signed up for a couple's retreat for this spring and also we are planning on doing a couple's conference and date night in Frankenmuth on the 11th of February.

# 10 : Become members at our church. DONE! We joined the church last Sunday!! On January 23rd!

# 11 : Finish at least 10 quilts. (For me!) The only thing I've sewn so far this year was 2 pairs of pj's for my mom. Haven't felt the pull towards my sewing machine yet. I think I'm still pretty burnt out from all my Christmas sewing.

# 12 : Read at least 75 books. I am working on book # 12 right now! I am 14.67% done!

# 13 : Keep my house cleaner! Yup! Doing great with this. Jack has really been a huge help, especially with how much I have been working the last months. Now that my last week at my office job is next week, I can definitely see me being much more on top of my housework... especially with my new vacuum. :) Can you tell I'm excited about it??

# 14 : Get to know my neighbors better. We did spend a few hours this month chatting with our neighbor on the north side of our house.

# 15 : Sing in front of my church congregation. Not yet.

# 16 : Save $20,000. I think I might ammend this... but maybe not. We are going to get back the $8,000 for the first time home buyer tax credit so that really only leaves us to save $12,000 plus the rest of our taxes, I think we will have a pretty good head start when we put all of our tax return money into savings. I think we also need to consider some type of CD.

# 17: Pray for my family and friends daily. I have been doing really well with this. So friends and family, know that you are thought about and prayed for!

# 18: Finish reading the Bible through the first time (I'm about 55% done) and read it a second time all the way through. Still going.

# 19: Rely on God for the big things and the little things. Working on that. Letting God lead us through the possibility of Foster Parenting currently.

# 20: Share my faith with at least 1 new person a week. I have really not been doing all that well with this. I am a part of a wonderful Christian forum where I do share my faith there daily, so maybe that should count for now. I need to become connected with more people in person and then I can begin sharing that way as well.

# 21: Find a person to bless each week. I haven't been 100% committed to this. The first week, naturally, I chose Jack. The second week, I chose a woman from the nursing home where I worked. I have to say it is absolutely better to give than receive. I have been more blessed by this than I can even put into words.

# 22: No Fast Food and No Pop. We have our weaknesses but I am happy to report I have not given in!

# 23: Paint my 2nd Bedroom. Hoping to pick a paint color this weekend. I don't know why I'm being so indecisive. I think it's because now that we are looking into Foster Care, we are planning that this room is going to be for our little ones and we wanted to make sure if that comes to fruition we will be ready with a room that is painted appropriately.

# 24: Learn something new. I can't say I've learned anything new yet.

# 25: Take a vacation. Hasn't happened yet, but I think that our 2011 Couple's Retreat with the church definitely counts as a vacation. It's just a weekend trip up north to a log cabin that we will be staying in together. We are also planning a trip to see Lancaster, PA and Washington, D.C. some time this Spring!


  1. You've got a great start on your resolutions! :D

    I just gave you a blog award...


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