Saturday, January 22, 2011

We met with Pastor Jim today

I wasn't sure what he'd say or really what we were going there to see... but we kinda just wanted to update him in our life. The last time we met with him in person was almost exactly a year ago, we met with him to talk about all the crazy shennanigans that happened surrounding Jack's birthday last year and he helped us set up healthy boundaries to protect our marriage. We have talked through email but not in person for a long while.

He asked how everything was going with our infertility and we filled him in. We told him about how the doctors tried to blindly get me to have surgery that was going to cost me $1000's out of my pocket and that by the grace of God and a good friend, I didn't end up having that surgery and found out that God had healed all of my physical problems that stood in the way of getting pregnant and that we had Jack tested and found out that this was one ailment that only God could fix. We told him about how we went to the adoption seminar and felt a very clear NO this is not what I want you two to do right now from God. Then we told him about how God really used so many little things to whisper into our hearts about foster care.

He told us how hard it was going to be. How so many of these kids in foster care are sexually abused as well as physically. How these kids are going to be given back to their parents who more often than not are going to continue to abuse them. He told us how much it blessed his life to adopt his daughter and how difficult it has been for her birth mother to come back into her life unexpected and unwelcomed and how that has changed and been difficult for his daughter.

He basically gave us his blessing and said that he would love to help us through the process. He said to go sign up for classes and get going. He also said to go through with all of this until God speaks otherwise into our hearts. He also said he would get us set up with a few other parents in the church who have been foster parents. I'm really excited to move forward. I feel really really good about it!

I'm so glad we got to meet with him. If you haven't met him, you're missing out. Pastor Jim is an awesome dude. We're really blessed by him every time we hang out with him. Jack and him even stood for a few minutes and compared tire sizes on their trucks and lift heights.

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