Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend plans and goals

This weekend is going to be a busy one!

This evening, I work at the nursing home from 2:30 to 6:30, just to make dinner and clean a bit. Then tonight, I plan to finish all of the laundry so that we have a weekend full of everything else we have to do instead of making it about cleaning the house.

What we absolutely need to get done:
  1. Cut down a few trees to really build our firewood stash back up. We have learned that it really is nice to have a lot of the 4"-8" circumference instead of a lot of huge logs which is what we have whittled our wood pile down to. If we don't cut some trees down this weekend, we are going to run out of wood next week! So, no pressure. But I'm looking forward to it because we haven't fell any trees since the fall. Jack and I really work together well, especially when it comes to felling trees. He cuts the trees down and I stand off in the distance praying that nothing goes wrong and that he is safe. He seemingly effortlessly fells the tree and then he cuts it up as I backseat chainsaw and tell him which branches to cut off. It's really quite fun. Then while he's cutting the branches and trunk into sections, I load up the truck. The great thing about the size of the wood we cut is that I am capable of carrying it, if I can't, then the log is too big and needs to be cut smaller. I should really take pictures of this process because it's awesome.
Well I suppose that's the only thing that we absolutely need to get done.

What I would like to get done:
  1. Finally decide on a paint color for the bedroom upstairs.
  2. Buy said paint.
  3. Begin painting the bedroom and finish painting the bedroom. That will likely be the Sunday project.
  4. When we go to church, to pay for our registration for the couple's retreat we are going on in May.
  5. Also when we go to church, to pay for the couple's dinner we are going to on February 11th in Frankenmuth. I'm super excited about both of these events. Yay for resolution # 9!!
  6. Go buy a park pass for 2011. I keep meaning to go to the dog park with the dogs but it's been so darn cold and we've been so darn busy that I haven't had time. I think the park pass is $30 for the year. It's completely worth it and we use the snot out of it. We have so many county parks that are beautiful, one within a few miles of us here and then the dog park at Orion Oaks of course. If you go once, it's $6 for a day pass. Since in the summer we go a few times a week, it will definitely be worth it. The dog park is one of mine and Jack's favorite things to do together. We both love our dogs and find it super fun to go hang out at the dog park with 100 other dogs just running around. Plus everyone is always super interested in both of our dogs. Bessie is ridiculously fast and LOVES to play fetch with anyone and everyone who will throw her ball. Everyone is always amazed that she will remember who threw the ball last and will return each ball to each person. And, in the summer, when we take them swimming, Bessie amazes everyone by how she jumps off the dock as fast and as far as she can each time and by how fast of a swimmer and how competitive she is with the other dogs and getting the ball in the water too. And then of course, Dixie is enormous. People love that too.
Those are just the things I'm itching to do, I have no idea what's on Jack's to do list. I know that the trees on Saturday are definitely #1 on both of our to-do lists, but I'm not sure about everything else. Pretty much everything else on my other list is things that I do by myself.

But, so far, it's definitely shaping up to be a pretty busy and pretty full weekend!

Also, this Saturday was what Jack and I were planning to have a joint birthday party for the two of us because his birthday was last week and my birthday is next Sunday, but we are very happy that our birthdays are going to be much more low key this year! I think we try to hard and then end up disappointed, so this year we did exactly what Jack wanted for his birthday and it ended up very peaceful and fun! So hopefully my birthday will be the same. I mean, how can I not be happy about my birthday, I've been using my brand new Dyson for a week now and I am still in LOVE with it!

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!

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