Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another resolution!

#25 - Take a Vacation!

Jack and I have signed up for 2 different couple's events with our church. One of them is around Valentine's Day, it's called Date Night where we all go to Frankenmuth for dinner and hopefully hear a speaker or something. I'm not at all sure how these events work... so I am excited to do that with Jack. Plus Frankenmuth is great :)

I am not sure that a date night counts as a vacation, but it sure feels like it will!

We also signed up for a couple's retreat late in the spring at a ranch where we will be staying in a log cabin! At this retreat, we signed up for a trail ride also. I'm pretty pumped about that!! I think Jack and I are going to have a great time just focusing on each other with no distractions of every day life.

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