Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy weekend. Movies, Church, Work and Florence goes to Heaven

Friday, I was finally feeling better and I went back to work. I was a little wary of getting the girls sick but it looks like things turned around and I'm healthy again. While mostly uneventful, I managed to get through the day. I came home around 3:30pm and was out cold before 8pm.

Saturday I worked 7am to 8pm. Around 7pm, Florence went home to be with Jesus. On January 30th, Florence and I prayed together and she accepted Jesus as her personal savior. (Read about that here.) Amazing that she only had 27 days left on Earth! It was bittersweet for me, that was the first time I was at work when one of the girls passed. Eleanor passed away over the weekend and I wasn't working and found out when I came back to work the next week. This time, I spent the entire day with her family and giving Florence her morphine and respiratory medicines every few hours and watching her take her last breaths. It was an experience. Obviously, working where I do, doing what I do, that is something I will be doing more often than most people, but it was an amazing feeling to know that she knew Jesus before she died and that she went home to be with Him.

This morning we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful and convicting sermon about serving others. (Check back here tomorrow or the next day for the latest sermon!) I encourage you to watch or listen to it when you have a minute. It's probably going to be convicting for most since serving is something God's people struggle with a LOT.

After church, Jack and I headed over to the movie theater to catch the movie The Grace Card. It was a good movie!! I'd highly recommend it. Go check it out!

Now Jack and I are getting all of our paperwork together to go to my mom's and copy our marriage license, birth certificates, social security cards and drivers licenses in order to turn in our application for Foster Parenting. After our service about serving Jack and I had another fire lit under our butts! We have to get this done so we can serve these children as God has called us to do.

Prayer request please: Alicia and her two sons Max and Rob. Alicia's husband Paul passed away on Saturday after about a year's battle with pancreatic cancer. Rob and Max are 14 and 12 years old. Please pray for their family as they go through this difficult time!

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