Monday, February 28, 2011

Foster Parenting Classes

God is so faithful to us!!

Since our Foster Parenting Seminar, Jack and I have been busy filling out the paperwork, which honestly took one evening. We contacted our three references and asked them if we could use them and got their information. We chose Jack's friend Matt, my best friend Ashley and our Pastor. We also had to get my mom's signature and we ended up driving over to her house last night and getting it from her and also using her copier to make copies of our drivers licenses, social security cards, birth certificates and our marriage license.

At our seminar that we went to, someone asked the question how long would it take before we could get a placement and the director said that some people would have the paperwork mailed in by Monday, (the seminar was on a Thursday) and that the Pride classes (the first classes we are required to take to be licensed) would be filled up by the end of the week. And that if we waited, we wouldn't be able to take the first class for several months down the road.

That weighed at the back of my mind as we waited to get our things copied and get together with my mom. Then Jack and I got sick and both of us were out of commission all of last week and because of that, I couldn't even think about calling and scheduling things.

Last night we finished the last of the paperwork that we could and we sealed and addressed the envelope. I woke up this morning and at 8:05am, I called Bethany to schedule the classes. The poor woman didn't even have her computer turned on yet! God is so faithful to us... Our classes start this Thursday!! As in, today is Monday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday... and then Thursday! I'm so overwhelmed. I feel like He saved our place for us!

By the 21st of April, we will be finished with the first round of Pride classes. After they receive our application in the mail, a few days later we should be receiving a call from a caseworker that we will be assigned to. The last few things that we need to do will be getting our fingerprints, doctors notes and also our local police clearances. Then they will do the homestudy. So it looks like we had better start getting things together!

I feel like I should make a registry to figure out what kinds of things we will need for children. It's so odd to feel like we need to get our house ready for our first children, I feel like we are different from most foster parents in that they have already raised or began to raise children of their own. Where we have literally never had any children, therefore never owned a single piece of equipment necessary. We need cribs, car seats, clothing, high chairs, bottles, bibs, clothing, diapers, everything! And on top of that, we also need things for children all the way up to age 9! So we will need children's books and toys that are age appropriate. We will need twin sized beds. I'm pretty excited and at the same time kind of overwhelmed!! What parents only get 2 or 3 months to prepare! And we have to prepare for a child anywhere from newborn to 9 years old! New parents usually just acquire those things along the way over the course of a decade.

My my my am I so excited that garage sale season is starting up. Pray for us!

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  1. I worry about that too with becoming foster parents. We have never had any kids, so I feel like we will have nothing to compare our experiences to. But it's good to not be bound by fear (which you are clearly not :)) and to just move ahead and believe that you will do the best you can with the abilities that you have. So exciting! Can't wait to hear how it all unfolds!


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