Monday, February 21, 2011

Man cold.

Jack has been sick since Friday with a man cold. He did have a fever, but as long as we have stayed up on his ibuprofen, that is under control. Unfortunately he's been so under the weather that he has spent the entire weekend in bed. So I have been giving it my best shot to manage Bessie's round the clock care and Jack's. Along with Dixie and also stocking the fire outside.

We got about a foot of snow dumped on us yesterday and last night and normally jack would have plowed at least 3 times so our little tractor could get the job done. I don't know how to use the plow, so we are completely buried!

What's kind of crummy too is that I believe I've caught Jack's cold. Unfortunately for me, Jack is still feeling crummy so now I get to be sick myself and take care of me, Bessie and Jack still. Lol ahh the joys of men.

I'm going to head out in the blizzard to get medicine because Jack's used all of it this weekend. Something doesn't seem quite fair lol...

Jack being pampered 24 hours a day when he's sick, but here I go out to brave the snow to take care of me while Jack snuggles up in bed still. Haha. Men.

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