Friday, February 4, 2011

My birthday weekend!

It's Friday, I'm off work, and it's my birthday weekend!! What's a birthday weekend you ask? Instead of one day being my very special day where I can do whatever I want, I have a weekend. And if my birthday is a Wednesday... an entire week!

I don't know exactly what my plans are for this weekend yet... Usually I have them planned out weeks in advance, but for some reason I've been very indecisive.

Tell me if I'm a total old lady for this... (By the way, I'm turning 25 on Sunday.)

Tonight is Friday night, and I want nothing more than as soon as my husband gets home, to go to Home Depot, buy some grout cleaner and some green scrubbing pads and scrub my tile floor in my kitchen, dining room and hallway and front entryway. We have a LOT of tile! And, a lot of dirty grout! Then I'm going to run my new birthday present around the whole house... (My Dyson Animal Vacuum!)

Then tomorrow I think we are going to head back out into the woods and maybe fell some trees or try to find more already fell trees and cut up the wood to add to our wood pile. Jack and I have a lot of fun doing that. (Especially since we bought my carhartt overalls! Picture of that to come.) Tomorrow night might involve dinner, possibly a movie... not sure yet.

Sunday we have Sunday school before church. Our church has a growth series that they are starting up. I'm pretty excited about it! And then church, and then after church, I think we might go to lunch or something else fun. Maybe the dog park!

And Monday, I'm getting my hair done.

It's going to be a great weekend :)

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend :D Happy Birthday!

    (Have you tried sonic scrubbers? They work really well for all kinds of things.


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