Friday, February 18, 2011

So sore and so tired :)

I'm so sore from yesterday! Whoops! Mayyyybe just maybe I over did it a little. I think by tomorrow I'll be able to give it a go again. I'm so disappointed though, I'd hate to waste such a beautiful day.

I just got home though, and absolutely don't have the energy. Did I ever mention how exhausting it is to work at the nursing home? I go and go and go all day! Laundry, cleaning, showers, breakfast, showers, cleaning, folding clothes, lunch, cleaning, laundry, putting clothes away, cleaning, bathroom runs, cleaning, organizing, cleaning. LoL !

Now it's home and time for some more cleaning and straightening. Jack just called me and let me know that his dad is coming over to pick up this home gym that we have had sitting in our basement since the fall. His dad bought it from the neighbor for $50 or something and we never had time or space or desire to set it up for ourselves. We figured we would just sell it down the road, and now that my brother has moved in, he has literally filled almost every square inch of the 1,000 sq ft basement with his things and tools and stuff... so we just want to get rid of that gym. So thankfully his dad found someone who wants it. Nice.

I guess that means I should get to cleaning around here. I just have minimal straightening to do but after yesterday's run and today at work... I'm BEAT! I just want to go to sleep haha.

But Thank GOD for this beautiful weather in February!! I sure enjoyed it through the windows ;)

I hope everyone else has enjoyed this wonderful blessing of the last 2 days and the beautiful unseasonable weather around here.

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  1. It sounds like God is just preparing you for some kiddies! :)


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