Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a day!!

Today has been hectic to say the least...
-worked 7am to 12pm at the nursing home... let's just say that that had it's own set of crazies that probably won't ever be discussed on here.
-Went to my best friend's uncle's funeral/wake for a bit
-bought cowboy boots (!!!!)
-stopped by our friends who live on our way home because they were outside and they invited us to the dog park
-it was a beautiful afternoon so I figured hey that sounds great!
-Jack stayed home because he was feeling really crummy
-Bessie, Dixie and I went to the dog park with these friends and their Newfoundland.
-Newfie was acting kinda funny and his owner thought so (our friend)
-Bessie did her normal run run run run run to every single person she can find until she finds the person who can throw the ball she just stole from some other pup the farthest and then she goes and goes until that person's arm gets sore or she passes out type thing... and one of the times she ran past the newfie, he jumped out and bit her! Bessie yelps and runs to me and cowers. I think it's her knee, check her leg... it looks fine... pet her and say good girl bessie, where's your ball? And she gets all excited again.
-Biting at the dog park sometimes happens, especially when dogs that are calm have an excited dog around them.
-Friends decide they have NO idea what's going on with their dog and they don't feel comfortable with his behavior and they want to take him home.
-I corral my dogs up. Get them both in the truck and head for my sister's.
-Sister and I go back to the dog park, are there about 10 minutes, walking the outside perimeter, not playing fetch, not playing with any other dogs.
-Small child comes up to bessie and begins to throw ball
-I am watching her and notice a mark on her shoulder that wasn't there before
-I get ahold of Bessie (who is completely unaffected.)
-There is THE most terrible wound I have ever seen in person on a dog. Her shoulder is tore open and she has an open wound about the size of 2 quarters next to each other.
-I quickly get collars on both of the dogs and walk them out of the park, call jack and let him know that an emergency vet visit is in the future.
-Jack is sick. Can barely concentrate to talk. Agrees with emergency vet.
-Called around for 10 minutes looking for the closest emergency vet... decided on one that was 20 minutes away, my sister came too.
-Meanwhile, Bessie's just upset we left the dogpark prematurely.
-Get to the E-Vet, Vet techs check out Bessie's wound, confirm that they absolutely need to do stitches, that looks terrible etc etc.
-Vet comes out and tells me what she wants to do wants to do stitches, and do a local anesthetic as well as a general anesthetic.
-Cue me with my jaw hitting the floor.
-I ask why they need to do a general anesthetic, she explains that she doesn't want the dog to react poorly to the stitches or the lidocaine shot (which I know are painful) I say I'm sorry but I don't think Bessie needs that, especially not for $200 extra... so... yeah no.
-She insists.
-I insist against it. I promise them that Bessie is such an angel that they probably wouldn't even need the lidocaine.
-They say we really don't think so. I say okay well if it comes down to it then we do the general anesthesia... if she doesn't need it, which I don't think she will, then swell, I save $200. Super!
-They shrug and almost visibly roll their eyes as if to say oook... right.
-They take Bessie back and say, if we come back in 15 minutes, we'll let you know that she does need the general.
-I smile.
-25 minutes or so later, the vet and the vet tech come out with Bessie and are just beeming about what a wonderful dog she is and how they couldn't even believe it, she barely flinched with the shot and she was just so darn sweet they didn't even know what to do with her.
-I smile. Yup. That's my Bessie.
15 stitches, 2 prescriptions and $350 (OUCH!) later... we head on home.

So then I came home to Jack as sick as can be, 102 fever and the fire needing to be stocked... plus there is a skunk running around out there somewhere and the LAST thing I want to deal with on top of all this is a skunked dog!!

Poor dixie went to bed when we got home after she had supper, I just can't protect Bessie from the beast! She's too big to know what she might be doing or stepping on or laying on. Bessie had to be carried up the stairs and I put her in bed with Jack. She's on opioid pain killers every 8 hours for a while and antibiotics plus Jack is on ibuprofin every 6-8 hours to reduce his fever plus I'm getting him ice water every hour or so. Lord help me. It has been a crazy day.

Thank God my Bessie is okay, Thank God for 24 hour emergency vets!

Pray Jack gets better quickly too!

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