Saturday, March 26, 2011

Connections breakfast

We woke up early (well earlier than normal to get up and get dressed and go out in public) this morning and headed up to church at 9am for a connections breakfast for new members and visitors. Basically, because our congregation is so large, it's just an opportunity for new members to come together and meet the pastoral staff and get to know where they can be involved and who heads up what ministry.

It was fun to hear Pastor Jim tell the story of how he came to Faith and how he then was called to The Point and then called to The Rock and finally, our church, The River. We knew a lot of the story as we've been attending one of his churches since 2006, but we finally have settled where we are going to stay and we have joined The River in our home town. It was fun to hear the history again of the church and Pastor Jim's history and testimony in a more one on one.

Pastor Jim was one of our references that we used for Foster Care and he actually came up to us this morning and asked if we had heard anything from the agency yet. That was fun to be able to sit there and talk about what we've got going on too!

Also at this breakfast, I was able to chat for a few minutes with Pastor Jim's wife, Carole, who is the head of the women's ministries, as well as the other woman who is the campus head of the women's ministries. Both Carole and Leah basically said, if we don't have a women's group.... we are willing to start it! Jack said he had been feeling for a while that I need to be prepared to step up and start a ministry for couples struggling with infertility, so I'm thinking that maybe that might be something I will do! Actually, after I typed that last sentence, I clicked over to my email and quickly wrote an email to Carole! Hopefully that gets the ball rolling.

Not sure what we are going to do for the rest of the night, but this afternoon Jack is out four wheeling with his buddy. I bet you he comes back covered in mud from head to toe after getting his jeep stuck. Ahh boys :)

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