Friday, March 25, 2011

Moving right along...

Today Jack took a vacation day from work. His maybe 3rd day that he has not been at work in over a year now. Even sick and with his back out, my trooper goes to work! (Sending a little love and appreciation my husby's way right now :-* )

What a better way to spend our day off (aside from sorting out some college stuff) than to move forward with our foster care preparations. We wanted to go to the minute clinic to get our medical form filled out since we don't have a primary care physician but it turns out minute clinics just have Nurse Practitioners and not Physicians so we can't go there. Bummer, that would have saved us some dough and some time.

But in other news, we did find a doctor's office relatively close to home and I like their attitude over the phone, so I think we will go with them... unfortunately, their office hours are not conducive to Jack being able to get there without taking some time off of work... so that won't do. Anyone know a doctor we can go make friends with and have him do this for us on his time off? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

We will just have to figure that out next week or something.

We did, however, get our fingerprints done and got our police clearance! And I was able to talk to the girl at the office about our emergency plans... we apparently need to have a tornado plan and a fire plan, written and drawn out. Sweet. I can do that.

We need only a few more things, just pet vaccinations, which they are due at the vet in a couple weeks anyhow, so they can have all of their vaccinations from there. And, let's see... Not much left on our check off list!

So hurray for progress!!

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