Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mrs. Allison Homemaker

I need to come clean about something... Something that very few of you probably know about me.

I was born a slob. I'm talking big time, never put anything away, everything always ended up just dumped in my room, kind of slob.

I remember going to bed thinking one Easter that I would wake up and the "Easter Bunny" would have cleaned a path in my room so that I could know where to find my Easter basket. Yes, I just said clear a path. Please try to imagine that. Literally, my bedroom during childhood was always about (child size) knee height full of junk. Toys, clothes, anything and everything all over the floor.

Since I've been married, the only thing that I have really struggled with is laundry to this day. But I have a HUGE fear of having a messy/cluttered/dirty house. Dirty to me probably doesn't equal dirty to others. I wonder what my parents think of my house now? I bet that they were probably terrified that I would turn into one of those crazy hoarders (no offense) that they have on that one TV show. Well, Mom and Dad, are you surprised about how I turned out?

The other day I was lacking motivation to get things done. I know all too well what happens when you lose motivation and things start spiraling out of control and before you know it... ::cue dramatic and scary music::

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Seriously... that is a pretty close to accurate depiction of what I remember my childhood bedrooms looking like... up until I moved out and into my own apartment.

I'm thinking it would be fun to do a photo tour of my house to show how much I've changed in my housekeeping skills since I was a child :)

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  1. I knew all along that one day you would grow up to be a beautiful, thoughtful, forgiving and tidy person. Love,


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