Monday, April 4, 2011


There has been three weeks since our last PRIDE class for our Foster Parent licensing. Three weeks during which we had ample time to complete our "homework" for the week. The first week, we spent reading the lengthy packet every night over dinner. The second week we spent thinking about doing our homework. Now, the class is on Thursday and Jack won't be home from work for another half hour to forty five minutes.... And we need to do the homework.

I wonder what this next class will be about. I hope that it's more specific information, but it seems as though the classes are very general for a reason. Like I said before, we are the only couple that doesn't have children of our own currently in the Thursday night classes. The other people in the classes have either been legally adopting a grandchild or nephew/niece, or adopting an older child.

The only thing left on our list of to-do's before we get assigned a caseworker is Jack's physical. I think I'm going to need to plan one for this week or early next week. Probably something by his work. It makes it difficult when he works 8am to 6pm but works an hour away and has to leave the house at 7am and doesn't get home until 7pm.

I think I'll go ahead and finish the homework today, and I will run out and get my own physical form signed while I'm out running my errands and going to my appointments. One more thing done!

It is kind of overwhelming to think of doing domestic infant adoption and having to pay for every single one of these classes and fingerprinting and the whole homestudy process! That would be an incredible amount of money! Although, I'm sure that if that was what God called us to do, he would provide the means by which to do it.

I'm very much looking forward to the homestudy process though!! With it being so close, we very quickly need to be setting up the bedroom which means that pretty soon we will need to buy the children's beds.

We have been very blessed so far to have such generous friends who have begun to offer us things and give us things. Jocelyn and her mom, Sandra, were so incredibly generous to us and gave us two huge containers filled with kids movies!! It's a huge blessing because we don't have tv or cable of any kind and normally if Jack and I sit down to watch something, it's a movie that we got from Netflix or that we own. This way, the kids will have their own age appropriate movie library to pick from!

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