Wednesday, May 4, 2011

25 Resolutions May update

# 1 : My #1 most important goal for 2011 is to finish reading the Bible cover to cover. Still plugging along, I really have no excuse why I haven't finished it yet, but the more I talk about it, the more I read, so I better start updating once a week or something to really put a fire under my tush!!

# 2 : Spend more time with my husband and getting to know how better and growing closer to him. Never have I felt so close to my love.

# 3 : Get to my goal weight!! Working on it!

# 4 : Quit biting my nails. I feel like this deserves a picture!!!! I officially have the longest nails I have ever had in my life, my future sister-in-law has shown me an amazing world of OPI Nail Polish and in the past few weeks I have grown my collection to almost 25 different shades :P I think I can officially say that I no longer bite my nails :)

#5 : Get pregnant. Yeah, well... Look at my post from yesterday. I think I can scratch this puppy off the list.

# 6 : Personally lead at least 1 person to know Christ as their personal savior. Done :P Working on more!

# 7 : Spend more time growing my friendships. I am going to see a long lost friend today actually!! Spending time with my friend Krista who lives in Japan and has for years!

# 8 : Join some kind of a small group. Doing the Women of the Word... does that count?

# 9 : Get more involved with our church. We have our couple's retreat coming up... at some point if Jack is done working OT (which is lovely and I'm not complaining!) we will start going to the Couple's classes on Wednesday nights.

# 10 : Become members at our church. January 23rd!

# 11 : Finish at least 10 quilts. (For me!) Uh I don't think I'm going to do this lol. I have finished one small quilt for my mom, it's more of a table topper. And I am currently piecing a quilt for our bed... it's taking a LONG time because there are a lot of small pieces but I think the end result is going to be worth it. It is rated "Advanced Level" and I can definitely see why, but I accept the challenge.

# 12 : Read at least 75 books. I'm looking for book #30, I need to go to the library. I'm almost halfway done and it's May 4th.

# 13 : Keep my house cleaner! I think I'm doing fairly well with this.

# 14 : Get to know my neighbors better. Maybe when we have a bbq this summer, we will invite them!

# 15 : Sing in front of my church congregation. Not yet.

# 16 : Save $20,000. Haven't gotten our taxes back yet.

# 17: Pray for my family and friends daily. Yup.

# 18: Finish reading the Bible through the first time (I'm about 55% done) and read it a second time all the way through. Still going.

# 19: Rely on God for the big things and the little things. Working on that.

# 20: Share my faith with at least 1 new person a week. I feel like this blog is my avenue to reach new people. In the last few weeks, I have gained 15 subscribers and I think that's awesome! I'm so thankful for all of the people who read what I write!!

# 21: Find a person to bless each week. Right now I'm concentrating on my HP Secret Sister.

# 22: No Fast Food and No Pop. Eating almost every single meal at home and Jack ammended this to Pop on the weekends... but pretty much I have had pop like 5 times in this year so far.

# 23: Paint my 2nd Bedroom. Done!! I wish I had remembered the date, but I think it was in March or April.

# 24: Learn something new. I made my first loaf of bread from scratch and by hand the other day, does that count??

# 25: Take a vacation. Coming up in a few short weeks, OH how I am so looking forward to it!!


  1. well done! thats a very ambitious list!!! I wish I was even 1/4 this together! x

  2. I have had a resolution to read the bible cover to cover also. I am now working on my second time reading it. Every morning I sit down with my cup of coffee and my bible...that my time and I love it!


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