Monday, May 23, 2011

Different Aspects of Infertility

I have a dear friend that I met a few years ago online who is also struggling with infertility, but her story is a bit different than mine.  I wanted to give some outside perspectives on what infertility is like for other people too.  So here's her story:

I’m a 27 year old Army Wife married to a 29 year old soldier and I am an infertile woman in the incredibly fertile military world.  We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in just a few weeks and have been trying to conceive since February 2008.  Uncle Sam put our plans on hold from October 2008-October 2009 while my husband served his second tour in Iraq.  On our 20th month of trying to become parents, we were finally seen by a reproductive endocrinologist. After two semen analyses, a HSG, multiple ultrasounds and a hysteroscopy we have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We’ve tried two months of Clomid + timed intercourse with no luck and last cycle we tried Clomid + Ovidrel (injection of HCG to induce ovulation) + Intrauterine Insemination or IUI, which also failed.  Our RE is confident that I will be able to get pregnant without IVF so for now our game plan is to continue with IUI and follicle stimulation hormones. Here’s to “lucky” 28? 
Check out Megan's blog here at This Space For Rent !

If you would like to be featured, or there is someone you know who might want to be featured on this blog as a different aspect of infertility, please email me and let me know! :) 

Infertility is super difficult by itself, but having support from family and friends as you go through the journey makes a big difference.  Do you have any friends or family struggling with infertility?  Do you not know what to say to try to let them know that you're supportive of them?  Resolve has some great resources for do's and don'ts of having a loved one who struggles with infertility.  Check that out on Resolve's Infertility Etiquette page.

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