Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting really excited for our trip coming up....

Our trip for the Couple's Conference is coming up pretty quick!  I am so excited to go on a vacation with my husband, I can't even put it into words. 

Jack has been working overtime for a long time now, and the poor man deserves a vacation something fierce.  After he gets home every night, he works on the room and renovations in the basement.  The poor guy can't catch a break.  He deserves a weekend where we don't have to get up early to go anywhere, and we don't have to do anything but enjoy each other and relax. 

Today has been a beautiful day so far. 

I woke up and got ready to go and headed to my doctor's office to get blood drawn.  She took 6 or 7 vials.  Then I headed over to my friend Krista's to pick her up.  She's in town from Japan (>.<) and is only here for a few weeks.  I'm so glad I got to see her twice this trip!! Last time I saw her was last August and before that... I think it was years.

We went and saw the movie Something Borrowed.  Not Kate Hudson's best film but it was funny to see Van from Reba on there!  And that guy who was the lead actor... Steamy! He was like a Top Gun version of Tom Cruise :)  Then we went shopping and I took Krista home and headed home myself.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because our invisible dog fence is supposed to come in the mail!! I can't wait until that bad boy is installed!! We have waited WAY too long to not have one of those suckers! Hopefully the dogs haven't learned too many bad habits to learn how to be good stay-in-the-yard dogs.

Now it's time to head out in the back yard and do some raking to get the yard ready to be mowed.  I'm not sure that I can sneak that in before Jack gets home from work, but here's to dreaming!  And getting a little bit of sun :)

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