Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm done with this rollercoster ride.

The last few months have been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions and physical problems. 

I am officially getting off this ride as of today.

Forgive me for this post being really choppy, I have already written it once and blogger decided to mess up and I lost it... so this is my second attempt and I'm going to make it even shorter than the first version.

1. Ultrasound was normal and as to be expected except that I had my feet up in stirrups for a good solid hour.  Should have taken 20 minutes start to finish with all that I was doing.
2.  Sonohysterogram was even more horrifying than I remember.  She started with a small catheter and tried to fill my uterus with saline and was frustrated because she couldn't get my uterus to distend (fill with saline) and so she mumbled something about how it was possible my uterus was already full of something else.  Cue panic and me asking, um like what exactly?  Then she switched to the larger gauge catheter and used the balloon.  The catheter was not so bad, worse than the first for sure... the balloon inflating was horrible.  I was up off the table in pain and could barely breathe.  Then she started filling my uterus with saline.  After the balloon, on a scale of 1-10 I was at a 10.  Adding the saline made it so I was barely breathing, couldn't talk and could only grunt, tears running down my face and trying desperately not to bawl from being in so much pain. 
3.  She believed that there was something wrong with the top of my uterus.  And she explained that my uterus was physically different in that it was tilted back and to the side instead of straight up and down.  That by itself made the ultrasound difficult to decipher because the ultrasound is designed for a normal woman with organs in their correct place and orientation.  She said what she believed to be an abnormality could easily have been the angle of the image being taken because my uterus was tilted but that she wasn't quite sure. 
4.  We met with the doctor and before he even sat down he started giving us results.  "Well everything looks great.  All of your bloodwork came back very good.  I am very surprised at how healthy you are, even your hemoglobin level looks great, especially for someone who has had such long periods, you should have a lower hemoglobin level from blood loss."  All in all, his conclusion was that I have no cancers, tumors or anything that would require surgery or further investigation.  My ovaries are polycystic and my FSH/LH hormone ratios are elevated which points towards my original diagnosis of PCOS.  (Which by the way, the doctor who tried to rob me blind who has absolutely no integrity at all that I went to last summer, adamantly told me that I do NOT have PCOS.) PCOS explains my long and irregular cycles and irregular bleeding.  So short of being annoying.... there is nothing wrong with my bleeding and basically the doctor believes that I need to move forward with my life an live as normal as possible trying to ignore the annoying bleeding that happens from time to time and that birth control is absolutely NOT the way for me to stop the bleeding as birth control pills are horrible for fertility and will not help me at all, that they will make it harder for me to get pregnant in the long run.

In summary, we are over the moon and so thankful to God that we do not have to deal with any serious health issues.  We are sick to death over the HUGE scares that we have been given in the last few months.  I am so looking forward to a lengthy amount of time between now and the next time that my feet will be up in stirrups again.  I am so grateful that God has spared us from going through something far worse than what we have been through.  The thought and threat of dealing with biopsies and tumors and growths and abnormal things and blood tests and the word cancer being thrown around... that was just a heavy load to be carrying around for the last while and both of us are so happy to have dropped that load off on the desk of our RE as we walked out the door today.

Thank you everyone who prayed for us and for me, I appreciate your support and your prayers :)


  1. Praise God that none of those nasty things mentioned as 'possibilities' are negative :) glad you're feeling in a more positive mood. Lisa x


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