Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My sewing room has been moved... a kids' bedroom is now in its place.

 This is my new sewing nook.

This doesn't look like much, but this is the new kid room!  I know I still need to buy some different sheets and also pillows and blankets and stuff.  I have a dresser that will go in here too, at the foot of the bed on the right.   I know that I need some sort of decoration because right now it just looks sterile. But it's a work in progress. 

It definitely feels weird to have a little kid bedroom set up.  I just stand in the doorway and look in and imagine what might take place in that room in the years to come.  I just wonder what our kids will look like, or how old they will be... what will their names be and will they be boys or girls? 

It's such a strange concept to be putting together a room for children 4-9 before putting ever putting together a crib.  When you picture having children, there is a normal order to the way things work.  You always picture that you will be setting up a crib and then later you will set up a toddler bed and then you set up the twin sized beds.  

So there you have it... my newest blank canvas.  I have no ideas whatsoever on how I am going to make this room look more homey and less institutional.

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  1. "less institutional"- LOL!
    I'm sure you will make it super cute! :)


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