Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resolution #25 complete!!

Reminder what my resolutions were at the beginning of the year, click here.

# 25: Take a vacation. Go up to Trout Lake and relax and bring our dirtbikes and let the dogs swim and go off roading in the jeep. And bring as many of our loved ones up there as possible. And go camping!

We completed this resolution last weekend by going on that couple's retreat.  I would say that this counts as the going camping part of it too since we stayed in rustic cabin.  I know, I know, it did have a tv and cable... but trust me it was more uncomfortable to sleep in that rock hard bed than it would have been to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag.

We are also going up to Trout Lake this weekend.  We are bringing our dirt bikes but unfortunately not the jeep because we would have no way to get our dirt bikes up north since we don't have a trailer yet.

Or to zoom out a little bit more...

Let me tell you a little about Trout Lake... From what I understand, my uncle Dave bought this property on Carp Lake (the town is Trout Lake) in the 70's.  Since I was a little kid, I have spent at least one weekend a summer up there, every summer of my life.  My uncles and Grandpa built a little hut and we would camp either sleeping in the upstairs attic of the hut or out in the yard in tents.

In 2006 I believe, my Uncle decided to build a home on his property.  They built this GORGEOUS house and moved the little hut to the back of the property.  This place is truly a slice of heaven on earth.

For our first anniversary, we were living in Wisconsin at the time and drove across the Upper Penninsula from Wisconsin to spend the weekend at this house.

(wow look how dark & short my hair was here!!)

I hope to eventually bring our kids up there to share the same kinds of special memories that I had with my grandparents up there.
 (I am holding the pail)

There is really nothing that I don't adore about this place.

(Fun fact too - The first (and only) time that I have ever hitchhiked, it was up at Trout Lake.  My friend Kelli and I had gone off through the trails riding on the 4-wheeler and got the 4-wheeler stuck on a tree that had fallen over the path.  So we followed the railroad tracks back into town and literally thumbed a ride back to the hut.  We were probably 13 or 14 years old. )

As I was thinking about this post and looking for pictures all over of Trout Lake over the years and the hut, I was thinking about all of my crazy memories up there.

-When my older brother and I took out the 4-wheeler and tried to climb an extremely steep sand hill and rolled it backwards on top of ourselves
-Swimming out in the middle of the lake with my sister and my long lost cousin Kathleen
-Getting Ice Cream at the corner store
-Fishing with my grandparents while it rained
-My Grandpa and Grandma teaching me how to fish
-My older brother and I being given 6 dead minnows and a paddle boat and we went out and caught 6 fish.
-Reading about Mike and Scott and their adventures meeting friends up there written in the hut log
-The big sliding swing that used to be out there that was so fun to swing on
-Uncle Jim tripping over a mini bike and dislocating his shoulder
-Uncle Jim and his speed boat up there one memorial day weekend and learning how to knee board and ride the big plywood circle
- Uncle Jim's telescope
-Finnish pancakes and bacon galore for breakfast every morning.
- the chamber pots that I absolutely never remember using
-If it's yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down
-My favorite beds upstairs in the attic to sleep in
-Cramming all the cousins upstairs in that little attic on all those random mattresses and sleeping so soundly with the sound of the lake out front and the railroad tracks out back
-Putting pennies on the railroad track to get squashed
-Sitting around the fire relaxing with Grandma and Grandpa
-Every time we have ever gone up to Grandma and Grandpa's, the question always came up, "When are we going to the hut??"
-Camping at the hut in a tent with my dad and the tent broke because of the bad rainstorm and windstorm
- jumping in the lake at the beginning of winter (obviously before it was frozen) after being in the sauna
-cruising down the side of the highway up there on the front of the 4-wheeler riding as fast as my Grandpa could make it go.
-3 billy goats gruff that my grandma used to play with me on the walking bridge that goes over to the neighbor's house
-I really don't remember ever having a bad time up at the hut!
-hanging out with my 3 cousins putzing around at the campground

I just can't believe how many awesome memories I have of this place... seeing my aunts and uncles and cousins!  Year after year, the hut was always the same little shack that we all adored.

So I suppose I should get busy packing and getting my lists together of everything that I need to do.  My mom is staying home to take care of my kitty while we go... We did bring him up there on our anniversary trip, but I don't think we have room for 2 big old dogs AND a cat in the cab of my truck.  That would just be crazy. 

I think I need to find my camera so I can take pictures of all of my favorite places up there. 

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  1. What about falling asleep with your name written in tape on your stomach? :)


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