Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting My House Company Ready Part 1 - Cleaning List.

I'm starting to get my house Company Ready for this weekend today. As I am starting to make my list of things I would like to straighten and clean and replace, it dawns on me... After we are licensed... (which by the way, our *hopefully* last well inspection is tomorrow!) are we going to live in a constant state of leaving our home Company Ready?

And for no other reason than that I really enjoy reading about other people's cleaning routines, I'll outline mine!
So for some super fun never before seen on POH, here's some before and after pictures to describe what my cleaning routine looks like.
(And what my messy house looks like.)

My cleaning routines ALWAYS start with my kitchen... and my dishes.  I can't do anything before doing the dishes.  After dishes, I clean the kitchen counters and make sure that is spotless. 
Next comes the kitchen table.  I put away all of the cook books that I have scattered all over the house, straighten the kitchen table, put clutter away inside the hutch and throw the placemats and napkins in the washing machine.  Then wipe off the kitchen table.
 Next comes the Library.  Right off of the laundry room, somehow it becomes a dumping ground for laundry baskets full of clean and folded clothes.  Straighten blankets, put dirty dishes into the sink (like how I used a tupperware bowl for my cereal this morning?  That's what happens when all my dishes are dirty!  See I'm human.)  And then vacuum.  (But not yet, vacuuming on the main floor happens all at once.)
 Next, the Formal Dining Room.  Jack has set up his PC and made this his makeshift office. The little purple basket holds my nail polish collection.  Curtains need straightening, floor needs vacuuming and mopping.  Things need to be put away.  I have no idea where I'm going to put that PC though.
 Next on the main floor, we have the Living Room.  Mostly this room requires dusting and straightening of pillows and putting away odds and ends that always somehow end up here.  Vacuuming the couches and pledge on all the wood. 
 Also in the Living Room - The dreaded Recliner.  (Which just so happens to be where I am sitting and writing out this lovely post.)  Lamp shades need straightening, laptop needs to be put away, all the random stuff like remotes and iPad and random candles and junk from that side table need to be put away.  And the curtains need to be fixed.  (Again, vacuuming happens after the whole downstairs is cleaned)
Following all the rooms, comes the dreaded vacuuming and mopping.  I also have a specific order by which I vacuum my house.  Mostly because I have found an outlet that allows me to vacuum my whole main floor leaving the vacuum plugged in to one outlet, and that just makes me feel special.  (Hey housewives need to get their kicks wherever they can, ya hear?)  Even though, I must add, that I have to empty my vacuum canister with every single room... LOVE my Dyson.
I start in the Library (picture below - Straight ahead... yes that is a cradle... I'm not sure where it will go eventually but I assume we will use it with babies.  I'm not sure.)  I don't know why I start in the Library, but I do.  I vacuum myself all the way out of the Library and then I end up right here by the front door.  I then vacuum all the tile floor in the hallway, and all the way up to the kitchen and informal dining room.  After that, I vacuum the Formal Dining Room and finish with the Living Room.

 (Don't forget about the powder room in the hallway off the kitchen.  Gotta vacuum in there too.)
 Then comes the dreaded stairs.  I hate vacuuming my stairs.  As much as I love my Dyson, it's pretty heavy and hard to maneuver.  I do have an attachment that works well, but from the bottom I can only go about halfway up and then I have to lug the vacuum to the top and vacuum from the top down to the middle.

 Next comes our ridiculously cluttered bedroom.  This shows you how internet-ly secure I am.  And how much I am here just to help... :)  I am human, and sometimes our bed goes unmade until the afternoon... and *gasp* sometimes, even until we go to bed that night!  
Obviously, on my cleaning list ... Make the bed and put away the laundry basket full of unfolded clean clothes.  Straighten up the dog beds (those pillow looking things at the foot of the bed on the floor.  And Dust and then vacuum.

 I will not show you our bathroom, because there wasn't much to see.  I cleaned it on Saturday and there are just a few random pieces of clothing on the floor and then my makeup out on the counter.  Pretty self explanatory.

Next up on the cleaning agenda... In all of it's untouched glory - the 2nd bath upstairs.  This will be the bathroom that our guests will use.  My linen closet is so unruly that my sheets and towels are falling out of it onto the floor.  I plan to refold and reorganize the sheets and towels in it. 

 This gives you a better view... See how disorganized that linen closet is? Yikes!  That is not what you want your guests to see when they open the closet to pick out a towel.  And also the tub is going to get a nice scrub down.
 Does this happen to anyone else?  This extra bathroom up here tends to be somewhat of a dumping ground for random things... like the Old English bottle and paper towel roll randomly sitting in here.  What makes it even more random is that we never have paper towels in the house! 
So this sink and counter top will be wiped down along with the toilet and I'll mop the floor.
 Standing in the door of the guest bathroom upstairs, you will look into the hallway and this is what you will see.  A big sewing area catastrophe.  This needs to be picked up and straightened.  And vacuumed... but remember vacuuming happens after all of the cleaning.  I like vacuum lines and they get messed up when you walk through them.
 Better view of my sewing area.  Jack's shorts on the floor waiting to have a button re-sewn, random hammer sitting on a storage container.  Garbage bag on the floor.  You know, a quality cluttered sewing area.
 Next comes time to get the bedroom where the parents will be staying in order.  The quilts have been quality tested by my cat, so my quilts and sheets will be washed so they have super cozy fresh linens.  Also, I think I might just get the stroller and carseat out of the room...  It doesn't exactly make for a nice design addition.  And vacuuming.
 Well, I don't know... maybe this would make for a nice clothes rack?  I'm just kidding, obviously this needs to be removed :)
 And finally upstairs, the nursery.  My friend has an almost 2 year old who will sleep in the crib.  I haven't washed all of the quilts and bedsheets and stuff, I just hurried and put them on for the picture when I brought them home, so I'm going to wash that stuff too.  And finally, vacuum.

And there you have it folks... My entire house (not including the basement, which we won't even go there!) to be cleaned from top to bottom.  (Or if you paid attention AT ALL to this post... bottom to top lol)  i do realize that this ridiculous post is just a prime example of procrastination at it's absolute finest.  Instead of getting a big jump start on all of these chores and cleaning that I have just described to you, my loyal and loving readers, I spent a good hour walking around and taking pictures of my mess and then sitting on my tush at my laptop and writing all about what I plan to clean.  

So, are your cleaning routines different?  I'm always curious to read about other people's routines, so in case any of you out there are like me... this post was for you!  

Later today (or tomorrow, who am I kidding?) I will put up an after post to show that I do actually clean house like I described in this post :)

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