Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well Failure... Finishing the process anyway!

I have tried typing out this post several times and every time it seems to get really choppy, so I think it might flow a little better if I just do bullet points... or numbers... or both?

1.  We bought our house in 2010.  Had our water tested to see if it was safe to drink, passed.  Yay.  It was kind of stinky, we put in a water softener and were advised to chlorinate.  We forgot to.  Weren't really worried about it because it was safe to drink.
2.  The State requires your water and septic to be tested if you are on a private system to be licensed for Foster Care.  Insert Matt - From our County Something-Or-Other-Having-To-Do-With-Water-Or-Something.  He comes over to test the water, taking a small vial of a sample.  He also makes sure our septic system isn't malfunctioning (basically - is there a big sloppy poo mess in the front yard? No? Okay good.)
3.  Our water tested  positive for bacteria.  It was a qualitative test, so it just showed yes or no.  (Not bad bacteria... it was still safe to drink.)
4.  Matt advises us to chlorinate the well and run the hose for several hours over the weekend and he will be back on Monday.
5.  Matt comes back to test the water again, saying this time it will be a qualitative test.  He mentions that he hopes we pass because we are kinda out in the sticks and no offense, but he doesn't really want to come all the way back out to our house.
6.  Matt calls me a few days later.  He is remiss to tell me that our well tested positive again... at 4.  I'm not sure exactly what the units are, but he also said he wished it was 200 or something high so that he would have a real reason to come back out.  He suggested just running the hose for 6 hours over the weekend and letting the well flush out some more.  He laughs and says it's silly because the problem is obviously a non-issue, but the water is required to test at 0.  So, he must come back.
7.  All that is standing in our way from being licensed is 4.   This weekend we are going to do a mini chlorination again and then run the water out tomorrow and all will be well in the world and in the well I'm sure by Tuesday when it's time to test again.  

As I'm thinking about how this is the last thing that is left, I let our licensing worker know that our well failed again, and what we were advised to do.  She said that she gave our file to her supervisor who is looking it over.  As soon as the supervisor is done looking it over, she sends it into the State.  And we were told that because the need is so great, the State is licensing people within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving their information and files. 

Insert a mini-panic-attack here. 

Let us just assume that our well is going to pass this time.  Our buddy Matt over at the County will send the paperwork over to Andrea, our licensing worker who will give it to her supervisor.  That is the last thing that is required before this supervisor can send it to the State.  So best case scenario, by Friday, the supervisor could be sending our paperwork to the State... So we could essentially be licensed in 3 weeks. 

And once we are licensed, we could receive a call any time... so possibly within 24 hours of licensing...

Ready or not, here it comes!!

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  1. is there a big sloppy poo mess in the front yard?

    Now THAT is funny.


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