Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another meeting about infertility ministry

I had another meeting today with the lady I spoke with on Sunday about this Infertility Ministry.  The situation was about what I had discerned it to be.  She was in charge of these things at our campus and basically what had happened was that it was handed to her and she almost felt as though she had no choice or input on it at all.  I took the time to explain to her exactly how it came to be that I spoke with Carole and why I contacted her in the first place. 

She was basically unpleasant about it because she was having problems dealing with herself, she felt like she needed to re-examine herself to see why I hadn't come to her.  I hope that I put her fears of not doing her job to rest when I explained to her the circumstances through which I ended up speaking with people who were her "superiors" so to speak.

After the miscommunications were straightened out, I talked to the two ladies who met me for lunch today about what my vision was for this Ministry and all that God had put on my heart about it.  I explained a little bit about myself and Jack and I.  I talked a little bit about our journey through infertility and then where we are today. 

They both really support and follow my dream and ideas for this ministry and they were both really encouraging and are seeing my vision on the outreach part of this ministry as well.  I stressed again and again that I didn't think of this ministry as a teaching ministry but more as a support group or encouragement group.  I think after I explained things to them and they didn't hear it through the grape vine, it was much easier to understand what I had visioned for the group and the mission for the ministry. 

I'm really glad that things went so much better, now I have two more women who are really encouraging me and basically trying to help me come up with a name and resources for the women who might end up coming.  They were both totally in support of the fact that I have no idea who else might come to such a group, but that God put it on my heart and that it would be up to God to fill the group as He sees fit.  It was much much more encouraging to have this conversation instead of some rushed conversation after church was over.

I also shared my vision for the support group I would like to have for the couples and also for families who were choosing to grow their families through adoption, and how we could have a bulletin board set up with pictures and biographies for mothers who wanted to make an adoption plan but just didn't know any options.  She was very supportive of that too, so that is fabulous!  She totally saw where my mind was going with that thought process on not only being able to support people who chose adoption as a church body as a whole with prayer and encouragement, but also to have available resources to women who wanted to choose life for their babies.  And visuals of families who are waiting to adopt instead of just the abstract words, "There are families out there waiting to adopt!"

Right now, what's left for me to do is really brainstorm ideas for the name of the Ministry. 

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