Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend with company

This past weekend, my oldest friend, Ashley came to stay with us and brought her husband, Matthew and two girls, Emma and Addie with her.  Ashley and I have known each other since Kindergarten.  She lives out of State now and was sort of in town (about an hour away) for a family wedding.  I offered up our two extra and empty bedrooms for them to stay.

Addie is a 6 week old, so we moved our cradle into the older child room in between the twin beds.  Emma is about 19 months and slept in our crib, and I think she slept pretty well except that I think we need to put a curtain in there because the window faces the west and it stays pretty bright here until after 9pm.  We got to make use of quite a few of our new baby gear, well rather, Ashley and Matthew did... but still.

Ashley's sister Kelly came over with her little bruiser of a son who is about 18 months old or so.  Jackson and Emma played with the box of toys that was so generously donated to us by my friend Brittan and her family! 

Also my girlfriend Alyssa stopped by for a few hours on Saturday morning with her son, Tommy who isn't quite two yet either. 

To say the least, the weekend was far from our normal peace and quiet weekends that we are so used to.  And I can imagine that we probably won't have 3 small children almost the same age in the house very often.  It was a bit of a system shock to have so much noise going on at once. 

Jack and Matthew were talking about tractor's.  Emma and Jackson were running around the house chasing each other, with Ashley and Kelly trying to chase them.  Little Addie cried and cried because of a bad diaper rash, and plus she's just a tiny baby and was hungry almost every hour.  It was chaotic :P  But it was fun to play with all the toys with the little kids and try to watch a kids movie at the same time. 

I guess I have a lot of sounds to get used to... but I think it will be completely different when it is just Jack and I and our kids that we need to take care of in the house.  The weekend was chaos, but mostly because it wasn't our chaos to control.  If it was our kids, it would have been our chaos and we would have probably felt much more at ease with it all.  We would have our way of doing things and our routines. 

For some reason, I didn't manage to take a single photo with all the kids and the animals and the people in and out of the house... but I did get a picture of the cake I made for our bbq.  Haha.

This Saturday is the long-awaited Bridal Shower for my future sister-in-law.  Their wedding is a month from today and the shower is on Saturday.  Kelly also scheduled my hair appointment for the day of the wedding which is fabulous because I am terrible at doing my own hair in any fancy way except for an up-do and I'm not really feeling the idea of an up-do. 

Anyway - that's my quick little update for now.  We had a guy from the County come out this morning and take one more water sample.  I'm hoping that watering all weekend long with a sprinkler all around our yard did the trick to flush out the well, but we will see!

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