Friday, August 12, 2011

First Pregnancy Blab Post

So I wanted to do a separate post for this in case there were people who wanted to avoid these things all together... and if you don't avoid it, at least you know in advance that this is going to be a post that is 100% dedicated to blabbing about my pregnancy so far.

1st.  Finding out.
On July 20th, I woke up in the morning and my boobs hurt so I decided I would pee on a stick.  I said a half-hearted prayer asking God for His miracle here and then peed on the test.  I have always watched the line of urine spread across the test just to make sure that I had enough urine on it, and before I could set the test down to finish up my business on the toilet, the test had already shown up as stark of a positive as I have ever seen.  There was no doubt whatsoever... That was a positive pregnancy test.
I don't know why I'm holding the test upside down, the plus sign is what the urine hits first.  From right to left in this picture is how it should be read and how the urine goes across.  

I literally threw myself off the toilet (my pants still around my ankles) and sat on the floor in front of the toilet (I have no idea why) and began to sob.  I called Jack as fast as I could make my shaking fingers hit the right places on my phone.  He couldn't understand me and said he would need to call me back, and went to walk outside to call me back.

"ITS POSITIVE" I yelled at him when he called back, through my sobs.  Jack told me he thought one of the dogs had been hit by a car for how hard I was crying and how little he could understand me.  He was also confused because we both assumed the test would be negative, and we have experienced negative tests before, so why was I taking THIS one so hard? 

"ITS POSITIVE.  THE TEST IS POSITIVE!!!!!!!!"  Are you sure?  "AS SURE AS I CAN BE!!!!"  I got up from the bathroom, (cleaned up) and then went and sat on the floor in our nursery.  Cradling that test that had my urine on it.  That test was the most precious thing I had ever held in my life.  Jack and I sat on the phone for another 10 minutes maybe with me crying and trying to calm down, trying to wrap my head around what I was holding, promising to send Jack a picture.

After I got off the phone with Jack, I sat in the nursery for a few minutes more and pulled myself together, I carried my test downstairs and took the picture you see above.  I emailed it to him and then called my best friend (who gave me the pregnancy test, since she was already pregnant and didn't need the last test.)  When I heard the ringing on the phone, I started bawling all over again.  I could barely even squeak out the words that I was pregnant and the test was positive!! 

These both are the most precious moments I have experienced in my life... I only wish that I would have taken the test with my husband home, but I will never forget being able to share that news while it was so raw and so fresh with the 2 closest people in the world to me!  

We decided not to share anything with our families yet, and I called my doctor right away.  I went in for a blood draw and go the results the next day, 6,274!  Definitely pregnant!!  On my way home from getting my blood drawn, my best friend and I went to rite Aid and we picked out another pregnancy test and a digital.  When Jack got home from work, I took both of them.  The line on the FRER (First Response Early Response) was darker on the test line than the control line!!  And YES+ showed up on the digital! 

 We went out to dinner with my best friend and her husband to celebrate that night.  Before dinner, we stopped by my mom's place.  I had told my mom a couple weeks before that we had submitted our application for the domestic infant adoption and that we had to save up $22k for it, and she had been giving me her spare change every time I saw her to help us save up.  So when we got there, she went and grabbed a handful of spare change off the dryer and handed it to me.  

I had my mom sit down at the table, while Jack got out my camera to record.  I had her close her eyes and I said I had something for her.  She put out her hands and in one hand, I handed her back her change and said we won't need this for a while now... and in the other a ziplock bag with my 3 positive (2 regular and one digital) pregnancy tests inside.  She opened her eyes and when she saw what she was holding, obviously there would only be one reason why we would show her pregnancy tests.  She was in complete shock, her mouth opened wide and she just kept asking, "How!?"  Jack told her, "When two people love each other very much...."

My mom has a super big mouth, so I knew I didn't have much time to tell the other people in my family that I wanted to so I would have to do it immediately.  I called my sister and blurted it out and told her and said that I had just told Mom and that's why I had to tell her so my mom didn't lol.

Then I called my Gramma (my mom's mom) and put her on speaker phone.  I asked her if she would mind crocheting me (she makes BEAUTIFUL crocheted afghans) a small yellow or green afghan.  "Oh sure honey."  And... if possible, have it ready on or around March 14th...   "Are you.... PREGNANT??"  Then my Gramma cried.  Then I cried.  Then my mom cried.  We are criers... I get it from my Gramma I guess.  :)  

What an unbelievable and amazing feeling to be able to tell my Mom she's going to be a Grandma and my Gramma that she's going to be a Great-Gramma  (Again, my cousin Caron has 3 kids.)  I had so much fun telling them that and Jack just walked around with this big old smile on his face. 

Telling my Dad and his wife was fun too.  I think my Dad's response has been my absolute favorite so far.  I called him and he didn't answer right after I left my Mom's and he called me back the next morning.  My Dad's thing is speakerphone, so around 8am, (I was dead asleep) I woke up to a phone call.  My Dad says, "Hey Al, it's Dad, you're on speakerphone in the kitchen with Kel... just returning your call."  I suppose I could have done it with more finesse but, I just woke up, give me a break!  I said, "Oh, Dad.  I was calling to tell you Congratulations... you're going to be Grandparents!"  This is what I think my Dad is super awesome for saying, "Oh wow, that's great!! Did your well pass?  Are you going to be getting kids soon?"  I had to choke back laughter.  "Well, Yeah Dad, that too.  But... I'm pregnant!!"   "WHAAAAT????"   Both my Dad and Kelly were super excited too!  And I'm due within days of Kelly's birthday! 

Jack's family did NOT turn out as planned at all.  We wanted to wait until the weekend because Jack's Dad works nights so there wasn't going to be a time when all four of them could be there (brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law).  We really debated whether or not to tell this side of the family because Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law got married on August 6th and we didn't want to steal their thunder.  In the end, we decided to share it with the immediate family and let Brother-in-law and sister-in-law decide if they were okay with us sharing the news with everyone else.

Sister-in-law found out first.  Let's just say sometimes what happens at bachelorette parties is a little too intense of girl talk... and I didn't have a choice but to spill the beans.  Sister-in-law was shocked and held back tears.  She just kept saying she couldn't believe it and telling her best friend's husband, "NO. You just don't understand how big of a deal this is!!"  As he stared at her lol.  

Then I knew that Jack would need to call his brother right away if he wanted the opportunity to tell him before sister-in-law did, so he called him.  BIL was up since he was waiting for SIL to get home safely after the night of festivities (I was driving, no big deal, we were just up late laughing and have a good time.)  BIL was excited too.  I'm bummed that I didn't get to see BIL and SIL react together and in person! 

Then the next day, we went to MIL and FIL's to tell them.  When we got there, MIL was out running errands.  I felt horrible and had thrown up that morning, and I didn't want to hang out all day so I had Jack just tell his Dad.  His Dad teared up and tried to hold it together before going back out in the garage to work with his buddies that were over there.  FIL is a big sap and if you hit him with the right stuff, he will cry right then and there. 

FIL conspired with us to trick MIL into coming home early from her entire day of errands.  Finally after about 3 hours, she came home.  When she came in the kitchen, FIL came inside and BIL came in to film.  Jack handed his mom the bag of pregnancy tests and she just couldn't wrap her head around it.  She knew what they were and understood why we would be showing them to us... but she just couldn't quite figure it out.  After she did her and FIL hugged and FIL said hey, Happy Anniversary Grandma!!  Their 33rd (I believe, maybe 34th) anniversary was a few days later and they were ecstatic to be grandparents! 
BIL and SIL were totally happy for us and were happy that we had such great news to share and gave their blessing to let other people in the family know.  So Jack called his Grandma and let her know and she started screaming and crying and called his Grandpa in the house.  Grandpa made some vulgar remark to Jack in the spirit of man bonding and Jack loved it.  It took Grandma Phyllis about 5 minutes to call the rest of the family to let them know lol within a few minutes we started getting phone calls and texts!

We had to wait until August 1st for our insurance to be active since Jack just switched jobs, and on August 1st I had my first appointment with the Nurser Practitioner who gave me a whole bag full of swag.  Pregnancy magazines and planner and all sorts of other stuff.  August 3rd was my first appointment with my OB.

We saw a baby and a heartbeat and I just started bawling.  I couldn't believe that everything was as it should be and that we had a perfectly healthy baby growing right where science and medicine and doctors said would never be.  Half me and half Jack, and we couldn't be more in love.  

I took the time to send letters to my friends who are still struggling to get pregnant to let them know first, and I had disabled my wall so that no one could surprise the friends that I hadn't had a chance to get to yet.  

After this point, I was still really scared.  I didn't want to talk about it and I really didn't want to post a picture of the sonogram on facebook because I know how painful that is.  I still haven't, and I probably won't. 

Last night for the first time, I got to hear the heartbeat on my Doppler.  It's still REALLY early for that so I'm surprised I could hear it so well, but it was without a doubt the baby's heartbeat!  

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Hopefully that little sound clip works.  

Then today we had to go to the hospital for another ultrasound, and this one I measured 8 weeks and 5 days.  

It was perfect and amazing and we got to see the little heart beat flicker. 

So that's all the nitty gritty details that I can think of.  I'm madly in love, I'm so grateful to be pregnant.

I have had some pretty extreme morning sickness, but I'm thankful for it.  I'm thankful to have weird cramps and twinges and be more constipated than I ever thought humanly possible.  I'm looking forward to every weird milestone and praying for this baby and this pregnancy to continue on as perfectly as it has been.  I'm so grateful and so happy for this miracle and Jack and I thank God every single day for it. He is the reason we are experiencing this JOY and we are praising HIS name. 


  1. I just cried reading this, DH & I have a similar story and just welcomed our miracle (Liam) in June. I can't wait to read each of your updates along the way and see pics of your blessing!

  2. I love this. Nothing makes me happier than to see a couple who has struggled with IF get pregnant. It gives me hope that one day, I'll have a similar story to share. I hope that you'll keep updating your blog regularly about your pregnancy!!! God is so good, I'm so happy He has blessed you in such a HUGE way!

  3. This is such great news!!! Praise the Lord!! Congrats!


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