Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lots of drafts ... no posts (pg ment)

Even though I leave the house maybe once a week for only a few hours at a time, I still feel like we are super busy.  Maybe I feel like we're busy because Jack is super busy and I'm just here watching him be busy?

Jack has been awesome.  I just want to brag on my husby a little bit here... Since I found out I was pregnant and my morning (afternoon and night) sickness set in, Husby has been amazing.  He's patient and loving and will get up in the middle of eating dinner to grab me a barf bowl or a glass of water or anything really.  He does all the cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping since I can't go near food and don't have the energy to clean around the house like I used to.  Jack will wake up in the middle of the night to hug me after I've had a nightmare too!

Speaking of nightmare... I've had some ridiculously vivid dreams in the last few weeks.  Most of them really random and weird, but a couple of them have been horrible nightmares. 

Last night I had a nightmare about bleeding and going to the hospital to make sure everything was okay and ending up with a skeevy doctor. 

Last weekend, we headed out to Jack's Grandparents house (wayyyy out in the sticks, takes us almost 2 hours to get to their house.) for Jack's Grandma's birthday.  That was fun, it was great to see family and visit for a while. 

This week, I don't think we have too much going on.  We are really trying to finish things up and catch up on bills and stuff and get ready for winter pretty soon here.  Jack wants to re-wire the garage and then insulate it so he will be able to work in the garage during the winter.  He also wants to buy the heater that adapts on to our wood burning stove for the garage.  We still need to get quite a bit more wood (I think, I don't want to have to deal with going out to get wood in the winter.)

I also went shopping with my best friend yesterday for a couple hours (my first time leaving the house on my own in WEEKS!) and we headed to old Navy so I could buy some maternity jeans.  My pants are too tight to wear comfortably with my nausea so instead of living in sweat pants, I thought it would be much more comfortable to wear stretchy maternity pants. 

I keep attempting to buy maternity clothes that are on sale right now for the winter ... just a bunch of cute sweaters and a coat, but I haven't had the courage to just pull the trigger on it.  I kinda wish I was having one more ultrasound in a week and a half instead of having to wait until 17-20 weeks!

A lot of people do these fun surveys during pregnancy blogging... so hey, why not.

How far along:  10 weeks 3 days
How big is baby: Crown to rump about 1.2 inches... the size of a strawberry.
Total weight gain:  2 lbs.... I feel huge though. 
Maternity clothes:  I have a pair of capris and now jeans that I bought yesterday that I haven't worn yet... can't wear my normal jeans any more.  Jack doesn't think I look any bigger but if I can't zip up my pants, I think he's got lover goggles on lol.
Sleep:  I sleep all the time.
Best moment of the week: Getting out of the house to go shopping with my BFF.
Food cravings:  I want to smell pumpkin stuff, I don't want to eat anything!
Food aversions:  Everything.
Symptoms:  Nausea, vomitting, cramping, headaches.  Every day is one day closer to baby!
Movement:  Nothing that I can feel yet, but with my doppler when I find the heartbeat, it doesn't take long for the baby to move out of the range. 
Gender:  No idea... still not sure if we are finding out before birth.
What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling movement!! 
What I miss:  I am very happy to be sick every day... but I miss being able to run my house... soon enough I will be back to running my roost though :) 
Next appt:  September 15th

I guess that's all I have for now... it's been weeks it feels like since my last update... just wanted to write something :)

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  1. I loved my Old Navy maternity jeans with the realistic band that made it hard to really tell if they were maternity or not. Towards the end the full panel ones are nice, they stay up better.


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