Thursday, September 15, 2011

13 weeks 5 days Doctors Appointment

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and it was finally with MY doctor.  I was so excited to go, and so excited for Jack to go and meet my doctor. 

It was everything that I hoped it would be, my doctor was SO happy to see me and it was finally the doctor's appointment that I have wanted from the beginning!  My doctor obviously knew all of our history and that the chances of us getting pregnant were zilch... and he kept saying over and over, I was SO shocked!  And I'd say, No one was more shocked than us!!

He was just SO happy for us and THAT was what we have been missing.  It's nice to finally have my doctor who appreciates what we've been through.

As he was doing the doppler he asked if we were doing any genetic testing and I said no, but the only reason I would want to is that I would love another ultrasound.  He says, "hang on!"  And runs out of the room and gets his ultrasound machine. 

We had been to hell and back and it's LOVELY to finally have a doctor who knows what we've gone through and loves where we are today!!

Unfortunately through 99% of the ultrasound his body was in the way, but Jack got to see it.  He said, "there's the heart, do you see it?" I said, are you talking to me, because I can't see anything!  And he moved and I got a little peek at the baby's tiny body!! They have a super crummy machine, so the ultrasound was not clear at all... but I am so glad he did it anyway :)

Now I'm home and came home to find dog vomit everywhere... and the dogs were overdue on their shots anyhow... so it looks like we are heading to the vet this afternoon.  Busyyyy day for me. 

BUT - While I hope nothing is wrong with the mutts - I DO finally get to find out how much Dixie weighs lol.

I'm guessing.... 150+

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