Saturday, September 24, 2011

15 Weeks!

How far along:  15 weeks today
How big is baby:  I have given up on the fruit... Definitely don't think it's an accurate way to measure baby at all lol.  About 4" from crown to rump... So, about the palm of my hand crown to rump and longer from head to toe :)
Total weight gain:  + 1.5 lbs.  It's weird to finally gain weight but I think being able to eat has something to do with that.  I am barely eating still but my body is hanging on to every calorie it can. 
Maternity clothes:  I bought some awesome clothes from Kohls... I'd love some more jeans so I can have more than 1 comfortable pair and I bought some super comfy long sleeve and 3/4 length sleeve shirts that are ruched and look super cute.
Sleep:  Not sleeping very well.  I can't lay on my stomach without it being uncomfortable.  I can't lay on my back without feeling nauseous (I know, really weird.)  My most comfortable side is my left side.  But I flop back and forth... and I still pee probably 15 times a night so that interrupts my sleep.
Best moment of the week: Feeling good enough to take the mutts to the dog park.  And hearing Jack say he thinks I look awesome and that he loves it when I feel good and that we can go out in public and I look all pregnant and stuff. 
Food cravings:  I don't think I have any cravings... but it's definitely easier for me to make healthy food choices than it's ever been in my life for some weird reason.  Yesterday I ate: multigrain cheerios with organic skim milk, banana, grapes and then for late lunch/dinner I ate a Turkey Tom with avocado from Jimmy John's.  (oooh no, food police come and find me... I ate cold lunch meat!)
Food aversions:  Still not too interested at all in anything sweet.... even my odwalla fruit smoothie things are hard for me to drink because of how sweet they are, but since eating fruit makes my mouth itch, I have to settle for fruit this way.
Symptoms:  Throwing up at the beginning of the week then nausea and tiredness.  I'm also finding myself to be more emotional and with wayyyyy less of a tolerance for things that normally I could just look the other way.
Movement:  Nothing that I can feel yet.... I don't think.
Gender:  It's a surprise.
What I’m looking forward to:  Right now... Probably hoping that I feel good today so I can go out and buy a dress for my cousin's wedding which is in 5 days... and seeing my family where only my Gramma has seen me since I got pregnant! and my best friend's baby shower is tomorrow and that's super exciting.  I can't believe she is 35 weeks (yesterday)... My best friend's havin' a baby and I can't wait to hold him or her!!!!  I'm looking forward to going to the cider mill soon... More trips to the dog park now that it's not sweltering.  
What I miss:  Feeling normal for a solid 24 hours.
Next appt:  October 12th!  My sissy's birthday!! 

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  1. Hopefully you continue to keep feeling less nauseous. Things got better for me around 15 weeks and just kept getting better. My food aversions went away and by 20 weeks I think I was completely back to normal eating. I agree about the crazy fruit comparisons. They never made sense to me either. After all a baby doesn't compress into a ball to be the same size as an apple, lol!


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