Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Baby Purchases! And new Maternity Clothes!

My mom and I went shopping today at Kohl's.  We went to get stuff for her and I ended up spending About 10 times what she did.  Haha oops!  I neeeeever spend money like that.

But - I do feel like I got a lot of stuff for how much money I spent!

I bought:
-5 work shirts for Jack
-A pair of Maternity jeans for me
-2 maternity shirts for me
-4 sleepers for baby
-1 tshirt for baby.
And spent $135.

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Dixie and Momma and Baby bump... and my new jeans that you can't see.  13 weeks 4 days pregnant.


  1. You got a lot for $135! I love that Dixie is in your photo with you :) She looks so much like my Apollo.

  2. Love Dixie in the picture. Exciting to see a baby bump. I think you got a good deal all of that for 135.

  3. Yeah you definitely got a lot for what you spent! The sleepers are so cute.

  4. Love the bump! We have that sleeper in pink! And actually in 2 different sizes from a grandma here and a great aunt in California. Got them at the same time, it was totally random- like they went shopping together or something, lol! Ok, that was a long explanation, haha!


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