Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots of stuff to do!! Random frugal ramblings.

Jack and I have been thinking a lot about what vehicle I need to get to replace my 2 door Dakota.  My truck is awesome and I love it and if we weren't having a baby, I'd totally want to keep it.  But... A child seat is not going to fit safely in my extended cab truck.  Which now leaves us with trying to pick another vehicle.

Jack and I like to buy used vehicles for a lot of reasons, but mostly, it's great not to have a car payment.  Jack is fully capable of maintaining all of our vehicles, which keeps our repair bills down since we only have to pay for parts instead of parts and labor.  The insurance on older vehicles is also cheaper too. 

Yesterday we went and looked at a Durango for me.  I don't know what it was about the guy that we were going to buy it from but about 100 things about him, I didn't like.  Jack thought it was a great deal, for a non rusty truck (in Michigan, that's equal to Gold.)  I wasn't comfortable with the price and I had Jack wayyy lowball him.  Jack did, the guy declined.  Meh. 

Anyway - I'm sitting here thinking about how I desperately NEED to come up with a budget for us.  We have gotten the extra money back from our escrow account that we had to pay because of the timing of how we bought the house and it not being homestead and the taxes were estimated... long story short, we got back a lot of money and now we will be able to pay off both of mine and Jack's credit cards which have been racked up far higher than I'd like... with buying an $1,100 log splitter among other things.  So grateful to pay those off... it's been about 6 months.  After I go to the bank today, our only debt is going to be the mortgage and that feels amazing. 

We thought that we might be ready to buy a new car... especially with Jack's Dad's discount, (or his brother's now, yay Daren for a direct position!) we would be paying far less than the average Joe off the street who buys a new car... and they are doing 0% financing for 60 months right now too which is great... But wow, I just CAN'T commit to a car payment yet.  I don't know why, I just am not ready.  Ideally, I would like to pay the mortgage off first...

Which takes me back to the budget.  If we pay nothing extra, our mortgage will be paid off in 2040.  If we add $50 a month to principal, we will pay it off in 2035... saving a little bit in interest... but if we pay $200 extra a month to principal, we will pay it off in 2027.  Getting better...  I'm just trying to figure out how fast we can pay this off and then possibly just pay cash for a new car instead of worrying about financing and car payments and all that jazz.

Lots of stuff to think about I suppose. 

Anyway... After the bank, I still need to go see the Chiropractor super bad.  I have been putting it off for a couple months, and that's NEVER good. 

I also wanted to make a trip to Joann's to see if I can find the things that are needed to make my own cloth diaper covers.  Speaking of being frugal... I would much rather make my own cloth diaper covers than buy some random ones made in China.   Plus, I can pick whatever fabrics I choose.

Today might be a busy day.  And it's nice and rainy and gloomy too! 

I guess it's time to get a move on...

And I'm excited to sit down and work on the budget ... Frugal Irons is our goal... FRUGAL frugal FRUGAL.  I'll just keep chanting it.


  1. You will have to let me know how tricky it is to make CDs! I want to make all my own too!

  2. Have you ever read any of Dave Ramsey's stuff? I don't care for HIM much, but we follow some of his principals like the envelope system. He would say pay off your smallest debts first, so that would be saving to pay cash for a vehicle before paying off the mortgage- for you.
    Yeah, I was going to tell you about some cloth dipes a friend just got for a STEAL, but after looking into them I found out they ship right out of China- kind of felt weird about that, haha!


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