Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh morning sickness... Back so soon??

I think I spoke too soon yesterday when Jack's Grandma called me to see how I was feeling.  I told her it was the best day that I had, and how much I got done.  Silly me...

Last night Jack made this awesome dinner of whole wheat spaghetti and meat sauce with meat balls.  It was so tasty and I ate WAYYYY more than I should have.  He brought me this big plate and I told him there was no way I could eat it all and I would say I stuffed about 3/4 of a plateful down.  SO good.  Somehow he's getting to be a better and better cook... or maybe it just tastes so good because I'm not cooking or cleaning?? (Yep even on my best day he still made me dinner because he's the best husby ever.)  Anyhow... this amount that I ate, while probably close to a normal pre-pregnancy sized portion, is about 1 1/2 or 2 times what I have been able to eat since I've been pregnant.  (I still find it NUTS to write that.) 

So I finally got to sleep last night, fully regretting my pig out and thinking that spaghetti and sauce was going to come out of my ears.  After taking the max dose of Tums to kill my heartburn, of course. 

I woke up in the morning, even more regretting my choice to eat so much... feeling like it was still rotting in my stomach, all 12 times that I woke up to pee from 11pm to 6am, I began to feel more and more nauseous.  Finally, as Jack was getting ready to leave and kissing me goodbye, I had him grab my barf bowl off the floor... (Lord, that bowl has become a permanent fixture all around our house and not in the cupboard lol)  and he went to kiss me goodbye and that just pushed me over the edge.  No, not his kisses, but having something so close to my face. 

Before Jack had even pulled out of the driveway, I was already hugging the toilet.  Thank God there was no more spaghetti in my stomach, because that would just be miserable to throw up... Weird things you become thankful for and conscious of when you throw up what you eat...  But I spent a solid 15 minutes in the bathroom emptying out my stomach.  I made it downstairs and got some of my medicine, and I am so sick of the taste of it (it's pills that dissolve on your tongue) so I drank a few gulps of water to rinse it down. 

It wasn't another 10 minutes after that that my body was all :: z snap ::  Uhhh Uhhhh, Oh no you Diiiinnnnt.  And I hugged the toilet again while my body rejected the water and the pills that are supposed to make me not throw up.  Lovely!

I think I jinxed myself.  Dang. 

Hopefully this was just a one day fluke.... but I thought after yesterday and feelin' so good... for SURE I was out of the woods.   NOPE.  Not quite yet... this little baby monster has other things in store for me!

In other news... Yesterday while I felt good, I managed to complete just about everything that was on my list yesterday.   I am way too lazy to pull it up in another window and read through it again to see what all I wrote... but here's all that I did:

- Bank ... Deposited our escrow refund check and paid off both credit cards... whoopiiieeeeee.... debt free is the way to be... (except the mortgage. )

- Joann's ... where I found the perfect fabric for mine and Ashley's faux Moby wraps... it was $9.99 a yard and not on sale and I didn't have a coupon... so I cheaped out and decided to wait for a coupon.
I also found PUL fabric... which is the waterproofing things that I will need to make diaper covers for my cloth diapers... which is pretty darn exciting.  It was $9.99 a yard also, and not on sale and again, no coupons so I didn't buy that yet either.

- Chiropractor ... I haven't seen dear ole Dr. Gage since before I was pregnant since I have felt so crappy, and I desperately needed to be realigned!   I walked in and he made some comment about Baby being on board so I pulled my tshirt tight to show him my little bump and he had some words to say that I don't share on this blog ;)  Apparently, I look pregnant to him.   I did discover how painful it is to have my lower back adjusted now, which I was not expecting at all.  And also that it is NOT comfortable at all to lay on my stomach while he adjusts my hips from the top.  :(  I won't be doing that again. 

I also managed to squeeze in a visit with my MIL and FIL while I was driving through town.  I was about 2 hours early to go to the chiropractor and didn't feel like hanging out in his parking lot while I waited for him to come back from lunch, so I called MIL at home and asked if she felt like company.  FIL came in while we were visiting in the kitchen to eat lunch before leaving for work and I think that's one of the first times in a LONG time that it has been just me and the two of them hanging out. 

In between my 5 hour long nap today (is it even called a nap if I literally slept almost the entire time Jack was at work?)  I spent a little bit of time researching more about Cloth Diapers online.  I bought 2 different kinds of prefolds from cottonbabies.com so I can check them out... I also bought a lot of 3 snappi's on ebay... so hopefully those will come soon.

Ohh yeah... Yesterday another baby purchase came in the mail... I bought a JJ Cole Bundleme off of ebay.  Since we live in Michigan... and we can get snow through May sometimes...  I thought it would be a good idea to get something like this.  But we aren't going to be able to get a full winter's use out of it, and it's a newborn size, so I won't be able to use it for the 2nd winter.  I thought it would be better to get it off ebay, gently used.  As soon as I got it, I threw it in the washing machine... who sells something that they haven't even washed yet... Sheesh.

Jack and I played with it as soon as it came out of the dryer...  I think it matches our infant seat well enough...
The flash sort of makes the greens not look very good together, but in normal light, it looks great.  Oh yes... this is where our stuff sits in the nursery waiting to be used. 

This is the bundle me cover thinger in the seat.  You can also see the two greens together.  It's getting close to dusk outside, there were no lights on in the room and it's raining outside too, so the flash is really giving slightly inaccurate color representation.  But it's still close enough that we don't care.

This is the little frog that we determined to be closest to newborn size of all the toys that we had to stuff in there.  So that's what it looks like... the straps are on the 2nd setting, so not the newborn setting, which is what makes the headrest look so high.  That needs to be lowered.   But anyway... pretend that was our little offspring in there.  All cuddly and cozy and warm.

That's what it looks like unzipped.... and yes... we totally have this little frog chilling in the seat buckled in.  We may or may not have spent a few minutes rocking said frog in said seat... but I'm not giving anything away.

Also --- This is my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE baby buy.  This little outfit was from Gymboree.  I think we got 0-3 month size.  I LOVE it.  We also got another pair of socks too that are green and white striped but I loved the little elephants on the socks!!!  The Little Peanut on the pants is on the bum.  Isn't it cute?!  I LOOOOOOVE the gray and green and white.


  1. Baby Tad! You look great in that seat! ;)
    Cute bundle me- good product!

  2. Haha Brittan - Perfect little frog for the demonstration :)


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