Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 Weeks

How far along:  18 weeks today
How big is baby: 5.6" from crown to rump!!  Grew 1/2" in length from crown to rump !! That's huge!
Total weight gain:  3-4lbs.
Maternity clothes:  I definitely need a better maternity clothes wardrobe.
Sleep:  Ehh doing okay.  I have more energy during the day and I'm more tired at night so that's great.
Best moment of the week: Being able to feel where the baby is laying.  And getting the calls about Caleb.
Food cravings:  None.
Food aversions:  Junk food.
Symptoms:  I threw up last Saturday morning and then not again until this Saturday morning... slowing down?? Stopping??
Movement:  Not too much really.
Gender:  It's a surprise.
What I’m looking forward to:  Bringing Caleb home and getting him settled in and then letting the whole family come and meet him. 
What I miss:  I think it's crazy how little I can tolerate sugary foods.  We bought a bowl full of halloween candy and I ate a couple pieces last night and felt sick all night and threw up this morning... I don't think I like sweets any more.
Next appt:  October 17th!   So Monday :) 

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