Saturday, October 29, 2011

20 weeks!!!!!!!! Half way there!

How far along:  20 WEEKS
How big is baby:   a little over 6.5" from crown to rump!!  Next week he's measured head to toe :)  And about 10.5 oz :)
Maternity clothes:  I bought more maternity clothes yesterday!!! Loved it.
Sleep:  Still not sleeping well... I'm thinking it's a combo of Caleb getting up in the middle of the night and me waking up to pee and flopping from side to side because I'm uncomfortable. 
Best moment of the week:  It's been a good week, just having fun with Caleb & hitting 20 weeks is amazing.
Food cravings:  I kinda wanted some candy yesterday... SHOCKER I know lol
Food aversions:  Nothing too bad this week.
Symptoms:  Still nauseous... I've got >= 20 weeks to go. lol
Movement:  Lots of little bumps and kicks at night... and whenever I slow down or sit down now!
What I’m looking forward to: Ashley having her baby !!! Any day now!!
What I miss:  ehh. 
Next appt:  Middle of November some time. 

Seriously, 20 weeks pregnant feels like a huge and amazing milestone.  The next milestone I am anxiously looking forward to is 28 weeks, and viability day.   I cannot believe I am officially halfway (or more or less lol) through my pregnancy.   This is unbelievable. 


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