Friday, October 21, 2011

First day with Foster Son

First day home with C went really well. 

Jack and I drove separately to a park and ride to drop off his truck so that it would be easier for him to leave for work after picking C up.  We rode together the next 35 minutes of the trip, and then we were early.  About 30 minutes early. Naturally lol.

We got some breakfast and waited... and waited.  C's caregiver got there right on time and again, our placement worker was almost 20 minutes late... better than the 45 minutes late she was earlier this week... but hey... apparently she didn't learn the traffic the first time.  *shrugs*  No biggie, just made for an awkward 20 minutes as we sat with C and care giver. 

Jack was excited to meet C for the first time and enjoyed playing with him at the meeting place.

Finally it was time to go and Jack carried C's things out to the truck and I carried Caleb.  It was only slighty tearful goodbye and then C settled right in to our car seat that we had waiting for him.  I gave him a snack of cheerios and a sippy cup of water and we headed home.   He fell asleep probably 5-10 minutes before we got to the park and ride where Jack left us and went to work and I headed home.  He slept the rest of the way home. 

I couldn't decide what to do with him when I got home.  I wanted to give him a bath and change his clothes and get him settled in, but I didn't want to wake him up.  This kid needed a nap.  So I sat in my truck for a few minutes and finally ended up deciding to take him inside and if he woke up I'd give him a nap.  He woke up, so in to the house we went and into the bath we went.  It took some coaxing, but he wanted to get in the tub once he saw that he could throw all the foam letters into the water and his rubber ducky.

After bath it was lunch time and I made him grilled cheese and gave him some prunes.  (Hey, odd combo but it was all I had so that's what he got lol.)  and he loved the prunes.

After lunch, I was hoping he would be sleepy and want to take a nap... but instead he spent literally 4 hours exploring his bedroom while I laid on his bed waiting for him to settle down... nope didn't happen.  So I changed his clothes (again lol) because he had spilled water all down the front of himself.  I thought we would be able to grocery shop and then I gave him a snack and he fell asleep in his high chair eating his snack lol. 

Little man slept for 2 1/2 hours and I took the time to clean up the Tornado that he had ripped through the house haha.  I started dinner and waited for Jack to get home from the grocery store.  (I sent him at this point since C was still sleeping.) 

Dinner was ready and on the table as Jack was coming through the door.  Turns out C doesn't like homemade mac n cheese haha... I'm pretty sure not many kids taste that and the mac and cheese they are used to comes from a box.   Well not in this house ;)  He LOVED the green beans though, he ended up asking for more green beans 3 times! He ate a plate full of beans haha.

After dinner we had to do another bath and this time Jack got to help.  This was Jack's first time giving a kid a bath ever... then followed by first time changing a diaper (well putting a clean one on after bath) and getting a kid dressed.  It was pretty funny watching him learn how to do it.  I forgot how weird it is the first time you do that.  I was probably 8 or so the first time I changed a diaper and got a little kid dressed, maybe younger.  I don't even know!!

Then Caleb was pretty sleepy so we attempted to get him into bed.. that didn't go quite so well and we tried to take turns rocking him to see if that would get him to fall asleep... he definitely preferred me over Jack at that point.  We did our best and I ended up just settling with me laying down in his bed with him until he fell asleep.  I think I finally crawled in to bed around 10:30pm.  And Caleb slept through the night! 

I got up at about 7 and went down stairs with the monitor.  He slept for another 25-30 minutes and then I went up and got him.  Changed diaper and then went down for breakfast of bananas and oatmeal with raisins.  Oatmeal = messiest breakfast I could have ever picked. 

During breakfast my morning sickness had me in the bathroom... only took a few minutes and then I was back at it.  It was great that he was contained in his high chair so I could throw up in peace haha. 

After breakfast clean up we went upstairs and changed into today's adorable outfit.  I love dressing this little man.  He's just much smaller than I thought he would be so a lot of his clothes are a little too big.  He's in 18 month tops and wears 24 month bottoms but they are a bit too long. 

He's been playing with Dixie all morning... which Dixie is just still SO excited about him that she plays a little too rough.  And of course, Dixie's tail is perfect height to whack C right in the face/head.  He doesn't seem to mind though and runs circles around the house while Dixie chases him. 

I'm hoping that his caregiver was telling the truth when she said he takes a morning nap but I'm not entirely sure that's true :P  I know he needs a schedule and I'm working on it, but hey I've now had him officially 24 hours.  and 23ish hours in the house.  So... I'm doing good so far I think.  I am most glad that he slept all the way through his first night!

This post is probably choppy but it has been interrupted just about at every paragraph with me getting up and running after him to see what he's in to or discipline the dog for taking his toys or pacifier.  (He calls it a binky.)  So I apologize for that... and maybe after bed time today if I am not dead tired I can do a better update. 

I think I have a couple pictures that I might be able to share because they don't show his face at all, I'll have to look through what I have and see what would be okay.


  1. i love it, sounds like a good first day. it is always hard for the kids to settle down in the evening when they are so excited :)

  2. Ahhhhhh I love hearing about Caleb!! :) I called it a binkie too... I had "bink" and "bankie"


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